On September 18, Hawkins County Deputy Kyle Shively observed a red Doge Challenger traveling at a high rate of speed. When radar locked and confirmed that the car was going 67 MPH in a 45 MPH speed zone, the stop was initiated at Summers Trailer Park. Deputy Shively reports that the door to the vehicle flew open, he drew his department issued Glock 21 and a male jumped out, later identified as Donovan Sharp.

Reportedly, Sharp was irate, and stated that law enforcement had no right to stop him, and continued screaming. Deputy Shively states that he drew his department issued Phazzer and commanded Sharp to put his hands behind his back. Sharp complied, and was detained for the investigation. Additionally, Sharp’s drivers license was confirmed suspended via NCIC.

Deputy Shively noted that Sharp mad emultiple comments that Kingsport did not arrest him when he was found driving the last time. Sharp was transported to the Hawkins County Jail for booking.

On September 18, Hawkins County Corporal Eric Pease reports that he observed a gold Honda Accord traveling east on Carters Valley Road that crossed the center line several times. During the traffic stop, Cpl. Pease noticed an odor of alcoholic type beverage coming from Darrell Wayne Greene, as well as red blood-shot eyes. Greene was unable to pass field sobriety tests. After refusing blood and breath tests, Greene was placed under arrest for Driving Under The Influence, Violation Implied Consent, Open Container and DRiving Left of Center. He was transported to the Hawkins County Jail for Processing.

On September 19, Hawkins County Deputy Kyle Shively received a call to Lisenby Lane about a silver car with loud exhause that was shining lithts inside barns and housed. Deputy Shively reports that when he pulled onto Lisenby Ln a silver car with a loud muffler pulled up to him. A male in the driver seat, identified as Seth Lundy, stated taht he was looking for his kids. During the investigation, Deputy Shively discovered that Lundy was a revoked driver. Lundy was taken into custody and transported to the Hawkins County Jail for Booking.

On September 18, at 9:30 PM, Hawkins County Deputy Stephanie Bolognese investigatted a complaint of a male trespassing on a Rogersville golf course. A golf course employee informed Deputy Bolognese that the male was around hole nine when last seen. After a search of the area the suspect was found, and identified as Dennis Everhart. Deputy Bolognase reports that when she approached Everhart, he had a flag stick belonging to the golf course and a golf ball. Everhart reportedly had a strong scent of alcohol coming from his breath and person. Additionally, Everhart was swaying back and forth and had slurred speach while speaking, and he had an open container of Fireball. He was transported to the Hawkins County Jail for booking.

On September 20, Hawkins County Deputy Daniel DesOrmeaux observed a vehicle pulling into a Surgoinsville parking lot with an expired registration. The driver, Andy Helton, gave Deputy DesOrmeaux permission to search the vehicle. During that search a syringe, red straw belived for the use of ingesting narcotics were found. Additionally, in the inside pocket of a jacket in the rear passenger seat, Deputy DesOrmeaux found a small metal container with a small clear bag containing a crystal-like substance, believed to be Methamphetamine, weighing approximately 1.8 grams.

Timothy Christian, the pasenger, stated that the jacket was his. Upon searching Christian, a small plastic container was found in his right front pants pocket. Inside, was a small clear bag of crystal-like substance, believed to be Methamphetamine, weighing approximately 1.0 grams. Christian was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of drug paraphemalia.

On September 16, while investigating a Methamphettamine distribution organization, Hawkins County Det. Zachary England reports discovering that a white Subaru sedan was to deliver Methamphetamine to a Carters Valley Loop address in Rogersville. Det. England and several deputies conducted visual surveillance of the property. At approximmately 11:30 PM officers observed a black small sedan pullinto the parking lot with a white male driver, identified as Charles Commerford. About 15 minutes later officers observed a white Subaru, with a white female driver,pull intot he parking lot beside the black vehicle.

Officers made contact with both subjects. Det. England reports that during the coourse of the investigation it was revealed that the driver of the Subaru, Jaraka Harvey, was there to deliver approximately 2 ounces of Meth to Charles Commerford.. Harvey stated taht she intended to sell the Meth to Sommerford for $1,600. Harvey stated that the Meth was in her bra, at which time she retrieved three baggies containing a clear crystalline-like substance from her bra and handed them to Det. England. The total field weight of the baggies was 66 grams.

Officers observed a revolver in the passenger seat of the Subaru. Harvey advised that the firearm belonged to her, and stated that she carried the weapon for protection. Officers also located several rounds of .38 in the bottom of her purse. Officers located approximately $3,740 in the purse. Harvey advised that some of the money was proceeds from selling Methamphetamine. Jarka was placed under arrest and transported to the Hawkins County Jail for booking.