The Hawkins Co. Clerk’s office has opened a temporary drive-thru service at the stand-alone First Community Bank building on 809 West Main Street in Rogersville.

The new location opened for business on March 26 and will remain available until further notice from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“We are limiting services there to vehicle registration renewals, transfer of a valid license plate to another vehicle that you own, handicap plaque renewals and first time registration of a vehicle,” said Hawkins Co. Clerk Nancy Davis. “We don’t do any titles at that location.”

If you need other services like Marriage License, Business License or Boat Registration “that cannot wait until later” (refer to Governor Lee’s Executive Order No. 15 Regarding Extensions of Vehicle or Boat registrations and Driver’s License below), readers are advised to call either of the county clerk office locations Rogersville (423) 272-7002 or Church Hill (423) 357-3361 to ask questions or make an appointment.

The new location has been quite busy, as they completed around 40 transactions on their very first day of business.

What gave you the idea for the drive-thru?

“The more you hear about this virus, the way that it is spreading and the quickness that it is spreading through the United States, it is unprecedented and something we have never seen before,” Davis said. “We wanted to limit exposure to ourselves, our employees and our community—especially the older population. We have a small lobby in both of our offices, and, in months past, we may have 15 or 20 people standing in there.”

She noted that her offices have been very intentional about cleaning and disinfecting, though, “even before we ever heard of the coronavirus,” as they are constantly handling papers and money.

Limiting exposure

The Hawkins Co. Clerk’s offices have limited the number of people who can be inside the office at one time and are taking appointments for citizens who need services that cannot be completed at the drive-thru.

“We had previously limited it to three people, but, right now, we are limiting it to appointments,” Davis said. “If you need a marriage license, business license, if you absolutely have to have your boat registered because you’re planning to take it out of state, if you need to renew your registration or something we can’t do at the drive-thru, we’ll do it here (at the office).”

They also have drop boxes outside of both the Rogersville and Church Hill locations with envelopes provided.

“Just seal up your check or money order with your renewal notice in that envelope, drop it in that drop box and we’ll get it out the next morning, work them up and put them in the mail,” Davis said. “If you don’t have your renewal notice, you can write your license plate number on the outside of the envelope with your telephone number. That way, if there is any question about anything, we’ll be able to call you.”

You can also renew your tags online at, or mail the above material to either Hawkins Co. Clerk office.

Extending registrations

“Governor (Bill) Lee’s Executive Order gave everyone the authority to extend the registration of their vehicles or boats until June 15,” Davis said. “Also, if you have purchased a new vehicle, you can drive with a properly signed title or bill of sale until June 15.”

Davis also noted that her office has temporarily shut down their Driver’s License Express office.

“A lot of county clerk offices that partner with the state have shut those down,” she said.

This portion of Lee’s order reads as follows:

Several Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) codes have been suspended to “delay the expiration of all valid motor vehicle registrations set to expire between March 12, 2020 and May 18, 2020. Such vehicle registrations shall instead expire on June 15, 2020; provided, however, that such registrations shall return to their original renewal schedules in subsequent years.”

Further TCA code suspensions will “delay the expiration of all valid Class A, B, C, D, P and M driver licenses and Class ID photo identification licenses set to expire between March 12, 2020 and May 18, 2020. Such licenses shall instead expire six months from the current date the license is set to expire.”

This will also “delay the expiration of a valid enhanced handgun carry permit set to expire between March 12, 2020 and May 18, 2020. Such permits shall instead expire six months from the current date the permit is set to expire.”

“Though I am not an attorney, I would advise that you renew your registration, register your vehicle or buy a tag if you are planning on traveling to another state any time soon,” Davis added.

A community effort

“We have so many community partners who have helped me to get this thing together in just ten days,” Davis said. “We’re very proud that we got it together that quickly.”

Davis and the staff of the County Clerk’s office would like to thank the following community partners: First Community Bank, Holston Electric, Holston Connect, Hawkins Co. Gas, the Rogersville Water Department, Civis Bank and Eastman Credit Union.

“It’s truly been a community effort,” Davis said. “We’re so lucky to live in a place where people would help you do these things. We just ask for your patience and your prayers during this time because this is something we’ve never done before and hope we never have to do again. It’s a new road for all of us.”

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