Healthcare workers in the pediatric unit of Rogersville’s Medical Complex recently dressed in superhero attire in hopes of raising morale around the office.

In light of their hard work during COVID-19 pandemic, their outfit choices seem rather fitting.

“I saw something online about healthcare superheroes and of other healthcare workers dressing in superhero attire,” said Pediatric Office Manager Michelle Lumpkins. “I thought it could lighten the mood and raise morale.”

Lumpkins explained that their office actually has seen fewer patients than normal since COVID-19 arrived in the Tri-Cities.

“People are sheltering at home and only going out if they have to, so we’ve been a little less busy than usual so far,” she said.

In regard to morale, Lumkins said, “It’s been pretty good so far; though, of course, everyone is a little worried. We deal with the unknown and protecting ourselves from germs all the time anyway, so it’s not too different.”

“I would just encourage everyone to continue following the Governor’s order, stay home and try to enjoy their time at home as much as possible,” she told the Review. “We’re here if they need us, and we will get through this together.”