County Clerk's office temporarily closed after three employees test positive for COVID-19

Both the Rogersville and Church Hill locations of the County Clerk’s office will be temporarily closed, as three employees recently tested positive for COVID-19.

They have been closed all week so far and will remain so until further notice.

“I hope to reopen as quickly as possible, I must have negative test results from enough employees to do all the functions of the office,” County Clerk Nancy Davis told the Review on Monday. “There are many different things that happen behind the scenes when a person completes a new vehicle registration, or simply renews. Titles much be checked for accuracy, fees for everything have to be placed in the appropriate categories for disbursement at the end of the month. There are lots of parts to our system.”

Davis told the Review that she cannot verify which of the two office locations the sick employees worked within. However, she noted that all of the employees are currently being tested, and several have tested negative.

“My offices were probably the first to put up the protective germ barriers, but this still did not stop the virus from affecting the staff,” she said. “We have been following all recommended CDC precautions. I have been in contact with both the local and regional health departments for guidance as well.”

On Davis’s Facebook post announcing the closure, several citizens replied with questions about services the County Clerk normally provides.

“I know citizens have vehicles that need to be registered and others things that only our offices handle,” Davis told the Review in response. “I encourage the use of online services to renew existing registrations, as well as mail-in renewals and utilizing our drop boxes located outside the offices. I do apologize for this unavoidable closure, but feel it is necessary for our safety as well as the community’s safety.”

For more information, visit the County Clerk’s website at