Molly Beth Nichols and Carson Elaine Rice, both students at Cherokee High School, have been invited to be among the Presentees at the 60th Annual Teen Board Presentation Dance.

The Teen Board Presentation Dance, Saturday evening November 7, 2020, is one of the largest teenage (black tie) dances in the country where teenagers and adults alike enjoy the same social occasion. Last year hundreds of leading teenagers as well as adults (from various parts of the United States) enjoyed the same event.

The Teen Board of Knoxville is a private, non-profit organization solely for teenagers grades 9-12, with adult help. Its purpose is to get teenagers to work and take the lead in civic and welfare projects, and to lift their social and moral life to higher standards. Last year over 10,500 hours were given to civic and welfare projects for charitable organizations.

After 60 years, adults have seen results of this work in the good leadership in colleges and universities shown by our former members. By learning to help those less fortunate at this age, in turn they have helped themselves develop a public and civic responsibility they are carrying on as adults.

This Presentation Dance is a reward for those local girls and boys who have completed their hours of service. We honor selected girls from other parts of the country who are rising seniors, by inviting them to be presented along with our outstanding teenagers.