2022 Hawkins County School retirees

Several of Hawkins County Schools class of 2022 retirees were able to attend the June 16 Board of Education meeting where the were applauded and thanked for their service the children and the community.

The Hawkins County Board of Education honored its 30-member Class of 2022 retirees during the June 16 school board meeting.

Many of the retirees were able to attend the meeting in person.

They were called before the board by personnel director Teresa Drinnon who also announced their years of service which ranged from 5 to 47.

Retirees also received a gift from Director of Schools Matt Hixson, and those who couldn’t attend in person will receive their gift later.

“We want to recognize them and honor them for the years of service that they have offered Hawkins County Schools,” Drinnon said. “I personally know many of these folks and have worked right along side with them. We just want to thank you for your service.”

Rogersville, TN

June 16, 2022

Class of 2022 Retirees

George Pierce, 24 years, Technology.

Jacque “Jack” Davis, 6 years, Bulls Gap School.

Homer Hurd, 12 years, Cherokee High School.

Deborah Gillespie, 15 years, Clinch School.

Gilbert Johnson, 23 years, Church Hill Intermediate.

Danny Davis, 36 years, Cherokee

Mary Jane Fink, 8, Hawkins Elementary School.

Quientence “Allen” Collins, years, 11, Maintenance.

Brenda Whitten, 47 years, Special Education Dept.

Elaine Hillman, 17 years, Joseph Rogers Primary.

Amy McFarland, 34 years, Surgoinsville Elementary School.

Donna Davis, 23 years, Hawkins Elementary School.

Tammy Williams, 26, Hawkins Elementary School.

Gail Good, 9 years, Carters Valley Elementary.

Sandra “Sandie” Burton, 33 years, Child Nutrition.

Jane Ann Lanning, 30 years, Surgoinsville Elementary.

Jan Moore, 31 years, Bulls Gap School.

Tammy Jones, 30 years, STC.

Tammy “Regina” Hagood, 15 years, CL.

Toni Patterson, 15 years, Carters Valey Elementary.

Jacqueline “Jacki” Price, 39 years, Curriculum Specialist District.

Edward Anderson, 15 years, Church Hill Intermediate.

Angela Scism, 32 years, Church Hill Elementary.

Marty Scism, 31 years, Surgoinsville Middle.

Peggy Beuris, 5 years, Surgoinsville Middle.

Rebecca Finley, 14 years, JRP.

Rena “Ree” Quarles, 30 years, Transportation.

Debbie Hanson, 27 years, Surgoinsville Middle.

Doris McMillan, 28 years, Hawkins Elementary.

Earl Hood, 10 years, Technology.

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