Welcome back GOLD STAR FITNESS! Stan Pace of Rogersville has taken back ownership of the town’s long-standing fitness center.

Several years back, Stan sold his five ‘Gold Star Fitness’ locations to ‘Lifestyles Fitness’, a company based in Johnson City. The five Gold Star Fitness locations (Colonial Heights, Allandale, Rogersville, American Way & Women’s Fitness in Kingsport) then opened under the Lifestyles brand.

Stan Pace has dedicated his life to health and wellness. He earned a MS degree in Exercise Physiology and in 1986 opened his first gym, ‘The Body Shop’, right here in Rogersville behind the Hale Springs Inn. Stan’s original Body Shop later grew into Gold Star Fitness, with five locations from Rogersville to Kingsport.

The Catastrophic Virus created a major negative impact on the Health Club industry across the country. Mr. Pace was concerned with the same taking place locally. With the opportunity to restart Gold Start Fitness, he is enthusiastic about having the facility for those in the community that desire to become healthier. “I am very passionate about health and fitness,” Stan said. “The many benefits of exercise are phenomenal, with cardiovascular, physical, and psychological being just some of them. Exercise gives you energy, relaxation, and overall health.”

Stan added, “You don’t have to join a gym to exercise, however, joining a gym places you in an environment to reach goals in a supportive environment with like-minded people.”

Long-time member Valerie Goins is looking forward to Stan’s return. “He brings a local hometown approach,” she said. Valerie joined many years ago, at ‘The Body Shop’, and has always been very pleased with Gold Star Fitness.

To combat Covid-19, Stan has installed hands-free devices. Social distancing is mandatory and all equipment is sanitized before and after each use.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, child care is not available at this time. But Stan assures us that child care will return the future. He will reevaluate child care week by week, as this pandemic leaves us.

Gold Star Fitness now offers three locations, Rogersville, Colonial Heights and the new location in Ridgefields (next to the Ridgefields Country Club).

“Because we live in a push button, techno society, we don’t move our bodies like we used to. We need to take charge of our health, and exercise is crucial to maintaining good health. The response has been extremely impressive of new members joining Gold Star Fitness. Better than I could have imagined.”