Staff at Cherokee High School honored two retirees with a going-away ceremony on Dec. 18, just before the school’s Christmas Break.

Wayne Herron and Iris Manis both retired at the end of the fall semester and take with them a total of 57 years of experience at CHS.

Herron taught safety at CHS for a little over 20 of his 35 years at CHS and taught Science before that. He has actually been a part of CHS for almost the entirety of its existence, as the school opened its doors in 1980.

Manis served as a Special Education Teaching Assistant during her 22 years at CHS.

“You cannot replace Mr. Herron’s experience and wisdom,” CHS Principal, David Kenner said. “He was always very positive and willing to help out in any way that was needed. He coached football and track for the majority of his career and had a positive influence on many students. His attention to detail, work ethic, guidance and mentorship will be missed tremendously. Mrs. Manis loved every student with which she has worked, with all of her heart. I never once heard her complain about a duty or a situation that she was faced with. She is one of the most positive people that I have ever been around. Her kind heart and smiling face will be sorely missed.”