Dear Readers .. Howdy, and welcome to the Bookend!

If you live anywhere in the vicinity of East Tennessee, you are pretty much in the rain.

Here are some things to keep in mind during the monsoon we are currently living in, and ways to have fun in the rain.

East Tennessee is experiencing such daily downpours that we are having flash flooding. That is when a creek that was normally calm and placid quickly turns into a miniature Niagara Falls.

I am living in a cabin in the Cherokee National Forest with the Paint Creek 10 yards behind the cabin. Last week the water looked like it was boiling and spilled over into the yard. I normally park my car seven yards from the creek, so I promptly moved my little red car lest it should float on down to the valley.

My friend Alice likes to quote an old southernism, “Good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise!”

Also, during our Tennessee monsoon, roads that are usually perfectly drivable sometimes get dangerously high waters covering them in a flash. Last week in my county, the Rescue Squad had to go out on 10 rescues for people who thought they would just go on and cross the road through the water. Y’all please don’t try to cross those roads; even a little bit of high water can make your car float away. I am not a strong swimmer under normal circumstances, let alone in a flood. I can just picture me riding on the top of my car on top of flood waters. I don’t much like that picture.

Some ways to have fun in the rain is to just embrace it. Get some rain boots, and if you’re an ultra-feminine southern girl like me, get some red, pink or flowered rain boots. My daughter just got me a pair of bright red rain boots. I get a lot of compliments on them, which helps ease the pain of being soaking wet as I run my errands. She got me a lovely pink raincoat, but I keep forgetting to wear it. I also like to have a charming umbrella. Umbrellas are fun I think, just think about beautiful paintings of urban people walking through France with their umbrellas. It is sort of romantic.

Another wonderful plan for the rain if you must be out in it is to go to a warm and charming coffee shop. Coffee shops and rain are a perfect meld. Plus, you will probably get compliments in the coffee shop on your rain boots and umbrella.

I have decided I rather like our rainy days, it’s kind of like going swimming. Look for me y’all, I’ll probably be the one floating down the river on top of my little red car holding a latte!

Until next time, have a rainy week, and have a good week!