ROGERSVILLE — So, you want to can your own food?

Hawkins County UT/TSU Extension is offering a Canning College where you can learn everything you need to know so you can preserve your food safely at home. Even if you currently know how to persevere your home grown food, it’s never a bad idea to brush up on the up-to-date methods and techniques.

The classes will be held in July, and will cover best practices of water bath and pressure canning. As a participant you can take your product home with you as well as a So Easy to Preserve book that has hundreds of tested recipes in it.

Now is a great time to learn how to preserve your food at home because canning is making a comeback, says Dr. Janie Burney, a professor and food preservation specialist with the University of Tennessee Extension Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences.

“If you need some way to preserve food that you have grown yourself or purchased at a grocery or farmers market, canning may be the thing to do,” Burney said. She adds that home canning equipment has never been safer or easier to use.

“The best way to start is by using the right equipment, proper techniques and up-to-date home canning recipes from your local University of Tennessee/Tennessee State University Extension Office,” Burney recommended.

The food preservation expert explained that extension agents trained in the field of family and consumer sciences, formerly called home economics, offer a variety of educational programs in home food preservation in counties across the state.

“Don’t hesitate to call your local county extension office for detailed information,” she said. “Extension agents have a long history of providing advice on how to preserve foods safely at home. Extension agents are part of the national Cooperative Extension System, which is a partnership between the USDA, the University of Tennessee or Tennessee State University, and your county. USDA published instructions for canning as early as 1909 in pamphlets known as farmer’s bulletins.”

Contact the Extension office at 423-272-7241 for more information and to get signed up.