Do you wish your friends and acquaintances a “Merry Christmas?” Many secular companies have instructed their employees not to say “Merry Christmas” to others. They’ve banned religious decorations and altered their advertisements to avoid the risk of being offensive. Do these executives really think their business profits will increase if they don’t observe the historical fact of Jesus’ birth?

Sadly, Christianity so intimidates some people that they strive to eliminate anything linked to Jesus Christ, including the word “Christmas.” They prefer the word “holiday.” Public schools now refer to the vacation time surrounding Christmas as “winter break.”

Christmas Day has evolved into a season that involves many festivities without spiritual relevance. The devil probably laughs as many people today try to be politically correct and avoid saying anything religious on a religious holiday. Political correctness and secularism are thwarting the public’s joyful celebration of Jesus’ inimitable birth.

Have you noticed, with each passing year, the increased opposition to Christianity? Why does the ACLU fight so hard to prohibit a nativity scene and prevent others from living their faith? Why is the atheistic group “Freedom from Religion” antagonistic toward anything remotely Christian in public places? If they don’t believe that God exists, why do they care? These aggressive lost souls attack schools with inaccurate application of our laws, enforced by activist judges, and threaten lawsuits to eliminate prayer, Bibles, and even singing or speaking the name of Jesus. Yet, they do nothing about Islam being taught in the Common Core curriculum. Ungodly educators are indoctrinating students to join the latest fad of being anti-biblical and anti-Christian.

The Pharisees and Herodians were rival factions, but they joined together to incriminate Jesus. Likewise, current incompatible groups (radical Muslims and LGBTQ activists) have united to attack Jesus’ followers in America. Can you perceive what is happening--the bigger nonphysical picture? Spiritual warfare is occurring and our opponents are the prince of this evil world and his evil forces.

Satan schemes to undermine the significance of Jesus Christ being holy, born of a virgin and the Holy Spirit. The deceiver creates doubt and diverts people’s attention away from the truth of Jesus being the promised Messiah. But Christians remind themselves that the angel of the Lord told Joseph to name Mary’s baby “Jesus” because He would save His people from their sins (Matthew1:21). The world’s Savior, Jesus Christ, came to earth for a purpose, and Christians acknowledge and celebrate that miraculous event.

Some individuals argue that Christmas celebrations originated from pagan ceremonies and shouldn’t be held. If our religious holidays have been created to compete with pagan festivals, observing them on the same date does not make them ungodly. The purpose of the celebration is different and the Lord is worshipped. Although some celebratory methods have carried over, God has always said our hearts are more important to Him than traditional rituals. He knows our thoughts and motives behind all of our actions (Jeremiah17:10). How one celebrates a holiday with decorations, gift exchanges, food, and parties is secondary to how each heart responds to the teachings and salvation that Jesus gives.

What is your focus as you celebrate Christmas? Do you teach your little ones that the giver of good gifts is Jesus or Santa Claus? Do your children or grandchildren see you give more honor to Saint Nick or to our Savior?

This season, stand firm against the spiritual opposition, and highlight the biblical facts and the real meaning of Christmas. God’s angels visibly and audibly proclaimed the good news of Jesus’ birth. Shepherds visited Jesus and spread the word while glorifying and praising God. Wise men searched for and found Jesus, bowed down and worshipped Him, and presented gifts to Him. Let’s also celebrate Christmas with greetings, gatherings, gifts, songs, praise, and worship as we honor the birth and life of Jesus Christ.

Cindy Rooy is the author of the Bible study, “Trusting God Through Troubles & Tears” and a contributing author in various devotional books, magazines, and websites. To contact Cindy, email her at