Dear Tommy,

As a member of the Hawkins Co. Republican Party and a Hawkins County Commissioner, I would like to encourage everyone to register to vote in the 2020 elections.

Recently I have spoken with many Democrats that believe they have been left behind by their party.

The National Democratic Party has embraced the following:

• Socialism;

• Abortion through birth and beyond;

• Open borders;

• A minimum income of $15,000 for everyone, even if you are able to work;

• That drug addicts have a right to camp out in public streets;

• A threat to shut down churches that will not abandon their basic beliefs; and,

• To abandon private healthcare.

The above is a small list of Democrats’ positions.

Now, here are a few reasons to be a Republican:

• In the last three years, unemployment has fallen to 3.1%;

• Job creation of 266,000 in November, 2019;

• America has become a “zero importer” of oil;

• A new trade agreement between Mexico, the USA, and Canada;

• A large portion of our border has been secured;

• Two or more Supreme Court justices will be appointed in the next five years;

• Increased support for our military; and,

• Standing up for our country, flag, and National Anthem.

We believe that “The American American Dream” must be earned through education, hard work, good stewardship, morals, personal responsibility and service to God and country.

That is why 3.5 billion people around the world want to be Americans.

I say that there is room in the Hawkins Co. Republican Party for everyone regardless of former political affiliations, national origin, faith, age, or race.

The “Party of Lincoln” stands with open arms to welcome you to the Republican Party. Let’s come together to create a vision of what we want Hawkins County to become.

Larry Clonce