ROGERSVILLE — Hawkins County always observes the National Day of Prayer, but this year, several added prayer opportunities will be available.

Thursday, May 4th is the National Day of Prayer, the only day set aside by our federal government as a day to pray.

The president, and it is expected every governor, will issue proclamations calling for our nation to ask God to hear the prayers of His people, to forgive us and to heal our land.

Ann Graham Lotz, the 2017 Chairman, has stepped up to take the place of Shirley Dobson, who retired last year.

The theme she developed this year is “For Your Great Name’s Sake”.

While there are thousands of churches and individuals who organize community Observances, millions of Americas are involved on this day in prayer for what is called the pillars of influence in our nation.

Those include observances locally.

Hawkins County has two noon-time observances to which the public is invited.

The Rogersville observance begins at 12:10 p.m., Thursday, May 4th in the Town Square adjacent to Hale Springs Inn.

In Church Hill at the same time, the public observance is held in Jaycee Park.

In each location, different pastors representing different denominations are asked to offer prayers for what is known as key pillars of influence in our society.

These include prayers for our nation and it’s leaders, our churches and pastors, our families, our schools and teachers, our military, our businesses and the media.

Of One Accord Ministry is sponsor for Hawkins County’s Observances.

In a year of seemingly growing turmoil, national leaders say it is hoped, Americans will turn out in unprecedented numbers this year to appeal together to the God of heaven for mercy for our nation.

They believe, only prayer can draw God to bring change to the turmoil we experience. They believe too, that it is significant for churches of the different denominations to come together for God to honor those prayers.

There will be an additional new opportunity on Thursday night, May 4th. A regional National Day of Prayer Observance is being planned at Higher Ground Baptist Church in Kingsport from 7 — 9 p.m. Pastor Doug Tweed, Kingsport’s organizer, believes Upper East Tennessee needs extra prayer this year so after noon observances, people are ask to come from counties around to attend this regional observance joining together again, offering prayers for our nation.

A last prayer opportunity will follow on Sunday, May 7, back in Rogersville.

The annual Justice Center Prayer Walk will bring people together to pray at the Hawkins Co. Justice Center from 2:30 — 3:30 p.m.

This year, according to Sheriff Ronnie Lawson, people will be allowed to actually enter the Justice Center where they will pray down a back hallway with only a wall partitioning the courtroom, the ladies and men’s facilities. Organizers believe this makes a big difference in the life of our county and our nation.