Dear Readers,

Howdy, how are y’all? Is it hot enough for ya? We are knee deep up to our necks in what the ole timers called, “dawg days.”

Yep, I’m sayin knee deep for sure.

Dog days are what the ole time southerners call the hottest part of the summer. When your dog can’t even get up the will to go its so hot. That part of the summer where your hair sticks to your neck in a sweaty mess, where every breath of air feels like you’ve got your head held over a steaming, boiling pot of water. It also refers to lethargy. Honey, I’ve got lethargy so bad! Nobody can usually catch me I’m so busy and move so fast. I reckon a snail could catch me right now. I mostly stay in the recliner with my legs kicked up, whining to beat the band if I have to go out into this stuff.

Dog days have quick, fast lightening storms that come through and are gone in a New York minute. It cools that air down for all of two point four seconds. Then it’s dawg days again. They say some dogs go mad during dog days. I haven’t seen that, my Plott Hound just mostly lays around. I don’t believe she has enough energy to go mad right now.

Now I am a southerner to the bone, I wouldn’t leave here if someone offered me a free house in Alaska. So I thought maybe I could come up with some ideas about things to do during dawg days. I may be too lazy to do them, but I can shore enough tell y’all what to do. Here we go-

Make homemade lemonade, pour it over lots of ice cubes and sip it slow.

Go to the movies, its nice and cool in there. Read a book from start to finish, (I’m bad for starting a book and then getting tired of reading it, and skipping to the last chapter to see if I figured out if I guessed right who the killer was).

Make homemade pimento and cheese and eat it with a cold Coke®.

Bake homemade cookies. They will go great with the lemonade. Or buy the premade cookies at the grocery store. It may be too hot to bake them, so in that case buy cookie dough ice cream-no turning on that hot oven.

And, last but not least, sit on the front porch with your kin folk and tell tall tales, gossip and just plain catch up with all the latest. That one is my favorite, and might just be worth getting out of the recliner for.

Well dear readers, there are a few ideas to get you through dawg days where the key to survival is to just be lazy for a while till it passes over. I hope you’ll take the time just to do nothing for a spell. It’s good for you. Until next time, have a good week, and have a literary week!