ROGERSVILLE — The five Hawkins Co. Family and Community Education Clubs held their Recipe Swap on May 23, 2017 at Rogersville Baptist Church with approximately 30 present.

County President Kay Caldwell welcomed everyone and led in prayer. She gave a detailed report on how FCE money is used.

This event is held annually. A theme is agreed upon and first and second choice recipes are prepared and served. The theme this year was ‘Spring Salads’.

Everyone brought items for sale to be auctioned off in order to raise funds for the county treasury.

Most members wore a hat of choice, to be voted upon by all the members to find a winner for the most creative, prettiest, craziest or most unique. Hats could be handmade or bought.

All year long, each member saves their pennies to be donated to the 4-H club to sponsor a child to summer camp. These pennies were given to Janice Reeves, County Treasurer. There was more than enough to reach the goal.

Each club decorated their own table, with no judging, and brought a door prize valued at ten dollars.

Kay Baker, along with her assistant, Jackie, began the auction, which featured a variety of items such as kitchen utensils, home decor, jewelry, fabric, bath and body, tools, linens, baskets, lantern, and more.

Food was served and door prizes were awarded.

The Bulls Gap Club served Chicken Macaroni Salad as first choice. Their second choice was Pineapple and Pecans Chicken Salad.

The Crockett Creek Club served Wilted Spring Salad as first choice. Their second choice was Apple Salad.

The Keplar Club served Strawberry Pineapple Dessert as first choice. Their second choice was Macaroni Salad.

The Lone Oak Club served Mandarin Chicken Salad as first choice. Their second choice was Broccoli/Grape Salad.

The Valley View Club served Potato Salad as first choice. Their second choice was Spring Green Natural Salad.

The hat parade was enjoyed by everyone. Each lady modeled her hat and marched around the room, while everyone voted for their choice. First-place winner in Handmade was Phyllis Pack; second place winner, Nancy Bowers.

Most Creative winner was Mary Ann Peach.

Funny/Silly winner was Norma Bowers and second-place was taken by Astra Ford.

Bought-Most Creative first-place winner was awarded to Phyllis Pack and second-place claimed by Jean Napier.

The total collected during the auction was about $260.