Does Hawkins County have to look like a third world country? The amount of trash thrown out along our roadsides is appalling. This is an incredibly beautiful place to live and I can’t understand why so many of my neighbors do not appreciate this.

My family picks up trash from our front lawn daily as I’m sure there are others doing the same. Trash is tossed out the windows and blown from the beds of vehicles speeding down the roadways all over the county. Is it really such an effort to go back and retrieve it? If I can stop my vehicle in the road to get out and pick up your trash you can too.

How about using tiedowns or tarps? Should we implement tarp laws like they have in other states to prevent this or even an 1-800 litter number that you can call to report the vehicle’s tag number when you see it happening.

A sign is not enough, the “Don’t Litter” signs are a joke along 66N after crossing town knob as they are elsewhere in our county. Could an awareness program be implemented for school children to make them understand how this harms our earth and the land that is their future?

Hawkins County can be so much more beautiful! I would also like to add that recently I have found many hypodermic needles washed up along the riverbank so please be aware when you take your little ones fishing.

Nancy Hacker