ROGERSVILLE — A Rogersville man who received a phone call advising him that U.S. Marshals were enroute to arrest him, sent gift cards totalling $3,000 to an unspecified address in an attempt to prevent being charged.

The man told Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Sgt. Jeremy Nash that he had been contacted by a man who identified himself as Charles Foster. The caller told the man that he had been charged without his knowledge with fraudulent use of his Social Security number and that U.S. Marshals were on their way to arrest him.

“(The victim) was advised to send gift cards in the amount of $3,000 to the subject to avoid the arrest,” Sgt. Nash’s report states. “(The victim) stated that in his fear he did so without thinking about the possibility of it being a scam.”

The scam caller contacted the victim again, demanding another $2,000, which he did not send.

The victim tried to call the number back but it was disconnected, the report said.

(PUB. NOTE: It has been said here many times: NO LEGITIMATE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY will ever make such a demand of anyone, neither will the IRS or any other governmental agency. Because most of these bogus schemes originate in foreign countries outside of U.S. law encorcement jurisdictions, there is little to nothing that can be done to track down the scammers or recover any money that is lost. The best protection if you receive such a call is to hang up, or delete such emails.)