CHURCH HILL — A 911 “hangup” call, and then trying to hide from Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Deputies who responded to the call, earned two Church Hill residents a trip to jail on existing outstanding warrants, plus new, drug-related, charges against both of them.

Detective Zachary England said in a report that Sgt. Sam Wilhoit and multiple deputies responded to the call, which was placed from a residence on Smith Hollow Road on Dec. 3, 2019.

Upon arrival, “deputies observed subjects in the residence to run and turn the lights off to the residence in an attempt to hide”.

Inside the residence, deputies located three persons. Christopher Lee Berry, 25, of that address, was found hiding in the attic. Christian Sierra Holbrook, 25, of Belmont Avenue, was found hiding under a bed in Berry’s bedroom.

“While in the bedroom, deputies observed what appeared to be methamphetamine in a clear plastic baggy on the dresser,” Det. England wrote in the report. “I then responded to the scene and obtained a written consent to search the residence from Christopher (Berry).”

That search turned up another baggy of meth underneath the mattress where Holbrook was hiding, bringing the total amount of methamphetamine found in the bedroom to 29.6 grams.

Both Holbrook and Berry had outstanding warrants for their arrest and were transported to the Hawkins Co. Jail where their Miranda Rights were read to them. Afterward, Det. England said, both waived their right to an attorney and both admitted to selling substantial amounts of meth, “from the residence and elsewhere for an extended period of time”.

Each was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, and maintaining a dwelling where narcotics are housed or sold.