Ahh, here it is, the end of another school year.

Is that shouts of gladness I hear ... from teachers?? (Lol!)

Maybe its just me, but summer vacations seem to get shorter and shorter.

Time was, school started back in the fall when the temperatures fell below “scorching” (at a time when the only air conditioning at any school in the county where I lived in L.A. — Lower Alabama — were big ol’ box fans sitting in the windows), the goldenrods were in bloom, and leaves were beginning to show their autumn colors.

Now school starts back in the middle of the doggone summer, or so it seems.

When your publisher was in school (many moons ago), we reported to Butler Elementary on the Friday before Labor Day to get our schedules, books, etc., and then the first day of classes were always on Tuesday ... the day after the holiday ... and not one of us were deprived or stunted academically, socially or emotionally because of the shorter school year.

I may be in the minority here, but I think that mid-September to mid-May is plenty of time to teach children what they need to know. I’ve heard all the arguments but I do not believe that more time spent in classrooms necessarily makes for better or smarter students.

Anyway, no one really cares what I think but if you ask me, its wrong to start school before Labor Day ... just flat-out wrong.

It also irritates me that a ton of meddling federal bureaucrats have become so involved in what our children can and cannot be served in school cafeterias.

Excuse me, but it really isn’t any of their dang business what parents choose to feed their children.

If a parent wants to send a lunch box jammed with Snickers®, cream-cheese filled doughnut burgers or any other trans-fatty, cholesterol-packed, salty, sugary concoctions, I’ll be the first to agree, those probably aren’t the healthiest and most nutritional options, but by gosh, it is NOT the concern of those in the School House, Court House, State House or White House.

That is a decision best made by PARENTS not POLITICIANS.

I took my lunch to school most all the time until I was in the sixth grade. My mammaw always packed me a sandwich (PBJ or ham, usually), a bag of chips, some type of Little Debbie® cake and a Thermos® bottle of her awesome sweet tea, and I made it to adulthood just fine.

The Feds can pass all of the “nutrition” laws they want but it isn’t going to make one kid eat better or healthier.

Sorry, but a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bag of good ‘ol Lays® tater chips and a glass of cold, whole milk beats the heck out of broccoli, carrot sticks and watered-down low-fat/no-fat cow juice.

Can I get an amen?????

Thank you.

In any event, school’s out for the summer of 2019 and we again wish all of our graduates much success in the years ahead, no matter what career path you may choose.