Dear Readers, howdy, how are y’all? Well and good, I hope.

My bff, Ms. Bridgette Anne, has been busy, so I haven’t made it to Hancock County yet. Bridgette is my adventure buddy. She is very calm in the face of almost any difficult situation, which makes her perfect for my travels as I tend to get myself in to quite a few sticky situations. As a matter of fact, I had a horrifying situation about a month ago.

Before I proceed with my little true to life tale, I shall change the names of those involved, to protect them from embarrassment and myself from a lawsuit. Ha!

Occasionally, I have a little job helping with a wealthy, and very prominent elderly couple named Jane and Jerry. I will help Ms. Jane with getting to various doctors and appointments. She is 85 years old. One day Ms. Jane’s daughter asked if I could drive her to the dentist in Johnson City.

Now I have driven in Los Angeles, and NYC, among many big cities, and I’m here to tell ya, they drive crazy in Johnson City! I was extremely nervous about navigating Ms. Jane’s huge Lincoln through there. Not to mention the fact that Ms. Jane must have two walkers just to get to the car, an oxygen tank and a wheelchair. She is a fall risk which is enough to make a person want to jump out of their skin with nerves.

The NEXT complication is that Ms. Jane is highly highly fussy. She is quick witted and will use her wit to slice you to ribbons just about every 32 seconds. She has an air of, “to the manor born.” It’s enough to make a cat jump out of its fur.

Now y’all, this scenario combined with my well-meaning, but klutzy ways are like a train wreck waiting to happen. I kept praying for help to get everything together, get Ms. Jane safely into the car and arrive at the dentist.

We made it to the dentist without any problems. I helped her into her wheelchair. Nothing but nothing pleased Ms. Jane, she complained about the air-conditioning in the office. She asked me to tell the staff to shut off the air, but I managed to sweetly explain there were other patients in the waiting room, thus risking her wrath. By the time we were done at the dentist and on our merry way back home, she was put out with the whole ordeal. I stopped and bought her an ice cream, which put her in a better mood.

When we got towards Greenville, the school children were on their buses, so I took a backroad to Ms. Jane’s country home. She approved of the route and said that they drove that route quite often. I breathed a sigh of relief. Too soon I might add.

As we rode down the two lane highway and approached a busy four way the big Lincoln died, smack dab in the middle of the road, 20 yards from the stop sign. Ms. Jane and I both panicked. We were out of gas. It being my first time to do this job, and what with so many details I hadn’t checked the gas.

Ms. Jane yelled at me to turn on the emergency blinkers, but there were so many buttons I couldn’t find them. Fortunately, there was a gas station to our right. Ms. Jane rolled down her window and began waving her arms and hollering, “Help! Help!” Oh Lord, I felt like the worst caregiver ever born into the world. Within just a minute a man at the gas station came over with a tank and gave us just enough gas to get to the pump.

What an ordeal ... but it wasn’t over yet! Ms. Jane was as mad as a wet hen on the way home. After fussing at me about the gas tank not being full, she looked at the sky and said, “Oh Lord! So many trials I have endured, and you save me from all of them.”

I thought for sure they would never call me to help them out ever again, but they did ... and buddy you can just bet I made sure that gas tank was full!!

Until next time y’all, have a good week, and have a literary week!