My children and I were on our way to church Sunday morning, Feb. 10, when we developed a flat tire. My son and I were attempting to get it changed but were struggling a little bit as we were in our church clothes and I believe it takes an engineering degree to assemble the apparatus that elevates the jack and releases the tire!

I was becoming rather frustrated when a very nice gentleman and lady pulled up to help. While the lady stood out in the cold and brief spell of ice/rain and kept me and my daughter company, the gentleman and my son (but mostly the gentleman) changed our tire. It did not take him long to have us on our way again, and as a bonus, we were only about three minutes late for church.

I am ever so grateful to that couple and thank them again from the bottom of my heart, but the gentleman left some of his equipment in my vehicle that I would like to return to him. I am hoping that if you can print this letter, either the Good Samaritan couple, or someone who knows them, will read this and get in touch with me, so I can return his equipment.

I can be located at the Medical Associates of Rogersville building across from the Hawkins County Hospital or by calling 272-2111.

As a side note, there was another gentleman who also stopped (Mr. T.S.), and although things were mostly done at that point, I appreciate his willingness to offer assistance as well.

With much gratitude,

Amy L. Haynes, MD