SNEEDVILLE — A Sneedville man lost his life on Saturday, July 6, after the side-by-side utility vehicle on which he was riding apparently went off the edge of a steep embankment and rolled over.

A report by Hancock Co. Sheriff’s Detective Jesse Trent indicated that he, Det. Evans, and Deputy Swiney responded to 318 Waterfall Creek Road after receiving a report of the discovery of a body.

John Charles Grindol, 71, was pronounced deceased at the scene. His body was examined by Dr. John Short and was sent to a forensic science lab in Johnson City where an autopsy is being performed.

At the scene, officers spoke with Steve Holden, a neighbor, who told them that Mr. Grindol’s wife had contacted him between 5:30 and 6 p.m. that day asking if he had seen him.

Holden set out on his own ATV to look for Mr. Grindol along riding trails on the victim’s property. A short time later, he found Mr. Grindol’s body on an ATV path along the Clinch River.

Mrs. Grindol told authorities that she had last seen her husband about 11 a.m. that morning. She did not become concerned until later that evening because he often went out to fly a drone or ride his ATV.

The black ATV was located about 148 feet above the trail where Mr. Grindol’s body was found. Det. Trent’s report indicated that the side-by-side utility vehicle, “appeared to have damage on all areas”.

Discovered with the body was a fanny pack waist belt, two pistols, a pistol magazine, a digital camera and a camera card.

Funeral arrangements were incomplete as of mid-week.