ROGERSVILLE — On Jan. 8, 2020, the Supreme Court of Tennessee entered an order suspending Hawkins County lawyer Whitney Suzanne Bailey from the practice of law pursuant to Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9, Section 12.2, for a period of two years with 45 days active suspension and the remainder on probation, and ordered payment to the Board for all costs in the disciplinary proceeding. During the period of probation, Bailey shall obtain an evaluation with the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program, engage the services of a practice monitor, and successfully complete the Board of Professional Responsibility’s three hour trust accounting workshop.

Bailey admitted to violating the Rules of Professional Conduct in four client matters. In the first complaint, Bailey abandoned her client’s case. In the second complaint, Bailey took no action after being retained to represent the complainant in a divorce action. In the third complaint, Bailey failed to file adoption paperwork for the client and misled the client regarding the status of her case. In the fourth complaint, Bailey was held in contempt of court by the Court of Criminal Appeals based on her ignoring the Court’s prior orders and neglecting cases on appeal.

Bailey admitted her conduct violated the Rules of Professional Conduct 1.3 (Diligence), 1.4 (Communication), 1.16 (d)(4) and (6) (Declining and Terminating Representation), and 8.4 (d) (misconduct).

Bailey must comply with the requirements of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 9, Sections 28 and 30.4 regarding the obligations and responsibilities of suspended attorneys and the procedure for reinstatement.