The Hawkins County Humane Society for Valentine’s Day is looking for matches with one of their ‘Lonely Hearts’, long-term dogs and cats.

At the beginning of January, they were filled with around 45 dogs and 65 cats. However, with recent adoptions they are down to 27 dogs and still about 60 cats.

Unfortunately, their older and bigger dogs and cats see their smaller and younger fur babies go to loving homes leaving them lonely.

Thirteen “Lonely Heart” dogs have been at the shelter for over three months and few to almost one year. Many of their cats have been with them a year.

They are a no-kill facility having a significant cost for them to house, love and take care of these lonely hearts until they can find a good home. Please help them continue to be one of the better no-kill facilities in the state. To really appreciate these “Lonely Hearts” please spend 10 minutes or more with them in one of their new fenced in areas! Take them for a walk too.

This February all of their “Lonely Heart” Dogs and Cats are $30. For other dogs with them less than 90 days, the adoption fee is $40 and puppies $65. All cats and kittens are $30 this month!

1) Big Moe – Lab and Mountain Cur, 2 yrs, M. He is a little shy but warms up quickly. A really nice dog that loves people but should be the only pet in household. Part of an Animal Rescue with Tanner. (90 days in shelter)

2) Bruno – Amstaff and Boxer, 2 yrs, fixed, M. Bruno is a real special sweetheart. He loves to be petted, get in your lap and likes to lick. He is so cute and has such personality. Bruno is looking for someone to be his best fur-ever buddy. (160 days at shelter)

3) Buck – Shepherd/Lab, 1-yr, fixed, M. His owner could no longer afford him. Buck is a beautiful young sweetheart. He really likes walks and loves to play fetch. He will make a great best friend. (280 days at shelter)

4) Cody – Lab and Amstaff, 1-2 years, fixed, M. Cody is a beautiful dog and is looking for a best friend. He has medium to high energy and would love a good yard for play. Maybe best to be only animal in house. (Fully Sponsored, 240 days at shelter)

5) Elvis – Australian Cattle/Lab, 1 yr, M. Elvis is super beautiful. He started out very sweet and adorable. He is now experiencing separation anxiety issues and needs your help. (95 days in shelter)

6) Lucia — German Pointer/Lab, 1 yr, fixed, F. Owner was moving and could not afford Lucia. Lucia is low-keyed and will fit in well with most families and households. A beautiful sweetheart. Currently getting treatment on her eye. (125 days at shelter)

7) Lucy – Stafford Terrier, 2 yrs, fixed, F. Another victim of someone moving. Lucy is a little shy and takes a few minutes to warm up to you. Once she does, she is really sweet. She loves the outdoors and loves walks. (Fully Sponsored, 240 days at shelter)

8) Max – Lab and Bull Dog, 3 years, M. Max really loves to play fetch and loves attention. He has moderate activity and should have a nice yard to play in. He is intelligent and is eager to learn. (155 days at shelter)

9) Ruben – Plott Hound and American Bull Terrier, 1 year, fixed, M. Owner worked too many hours and had to take Ruben to Shelter. Ruben has a kind and sweet nature. He is affectionate and really wants to please. He only has medium activity and should fit well in to most homes. (150 days at shelter)

10) Tanner – Lab and Black Mountain Cur, 2 yrs, M. Part of the Animal Rescue with Big Moe. His eyes looking at you and will melt you. He is a really nice but shy. Has moderate activity and should be the only pet in the household. (90 days in shelter)

11) Thor – Shepherd Mix, 1 year, fixed, M. Thor is a super special dog. He really loves most men. He will cuddle and lick but is afraid of women. He should be adopted soon. Please help. (210 days at shelter)

12) Trooper -Yellow Lab, 10+ years, fixed M. Owner could not keep. Trooper is an older and sweet dog. He is housebroken and fine with people but recommended with children over 5 years old and not with other animals. (270 days at shelter)

13) Will – Shepherd and Lab, 1-2 years, M. His eyes looking at you will melt you. He can establish a quick loyal connection. He loves people and really wants a home and a best friend. (99 days at shelter)