ROGERSVILLE — Authorities are searching for a light green Toyota Tacoma and three men who were allegedly involved in an armed assault on a Burem Road resident.

According to a report by Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Richard P. McGinnis, about 11:25 a.m. on July 3, 2019, the older-model lowered extended cab truck with Sullivan County license plate, occupied by three males, pulled up near the victim’s residence in the 400 block of Burem Road.

Two of the men — both white males, one described as being around 25-30 years of age, the other around 60, with both wearing “lots of jewelry” — got out of the truck and approached the victim who was on his riding lawn mower.

The younger man pulled what appeared to be a black automatic handgun, knocked the victim off his mower, and then placed the gun to the victim’s head and demanded to know the whereabouts of a female that he called by name.

“The suspect punched and kicked the complainant (victim) while he was on the ground and while getting back in the truck stated he would be back to talk to (the female),” the report stated.

The driver, who was described as having tattoos on his neck, reportedly did not get out of the truck and never said anything to the victim.

Persons who may have seen the truck, or who can identify it or the men involved, may contact the Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Department at 423-272-4848, or the nearest law enforcement agency.