SURGOINSVILLE — Failure to show up for an appointed court date earned a Surgoinsville man a visit from Hawkins County Sheriff’s Deputies and new, even more serious felony charges.

On July 3, 2019, Deputies Michael Allen and Matthew Seals — with a failure to appear warrant in hand — knocked on the door of Anthony Caige Hundley, 26, of Arnold Road.

When Hundley came to the door, he asked if he could smoke a cigarette and told officers they could come into his house.

“As I walked into the living room of the house I observed four long guns standing against a door frame in the room,” Allen wrote in his report. “I then asked Mr. Hundley if he was selling any guns. He replied ‘no’.”

At that point, Hundley was placed under arrest and taken to the jail to be processed on the FTA charge.

While he was being booked at the jail, Allen asked Sgt. Scott Alley to run a criminal history check on Hundley through the National Crime Information Computer system (NCIC). That history came back showing that Hundley had spent time in a Mississippi State Prison for aggravated burglary, and time in a Florida State Prison for felony drug charges.

With that information in hand, Allen notified the office of District Attorney Dan Armstrong of his findings, made another trip to Hundley’s home and confiscated the weapons as evidence.

Hundley was subsequently charged with Possession of a Gun by a Convicted Felon.