ROGERSVILLE — A Rogersville man who was involved in a motor vehicle accident on Wednesday, May 15, was reportedly found to be in possession of a firearm while driving under the influence of prescribed controlled-substance medication.

Sgt. Jeremy Nash, of the Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Office, charged Virgil Roger Metcalf, 59, with failure to exercise due care, driving under the influence, and possession of a firearm by an intoxicated person.

Nash’s report indicated that about 1:11 p.m. that day he was dispatched to the scene of a motor vehicle accident on Old State Hwy. 70 in Rogersville.

There, Nash said, he observed the driver, Metcalf, “to be unsteady on his feet and to have slurred speech”.

Metcalf also had difficulty in finding his driver license and in filling out paperwork from emergency medical personnel who were on scene, the report stated.

Witnesses said that Metcalf’s 2019 Nissan MGS went off the road in the oncoming bridge area before striking the concrete barrier to the bridge, Nash’s report indicated.

“I observed a pistol on Mr. Metcalf’s right leg in a drop leg holster, with a magazine inside, and an additional magazine in the holster pocket on the front,” Nash’s report continued.

The handgun was a Ruger P95DC model, according to the report.

During a search for other possible weapons, Nash said he located seven pill bottles in Metcalf’s side pockets.

“All of which are prescribed to him, although some are controlled substances; oxycodone and clonazepam,” the report states. “The oxycodone were filled on today (May 15) and were missing two pills.”

Metcalf submitted to standardized field sobriety tests and “performed poorly on the secondary testing due to his back and hip problems; by failing to touch thumb to finger on all tries, missing the total number of attempts made, and not counting out loud.”

Metcalf was read the implied consent which he signed and agreed to give a blood sample for testing.

Metcalf was transported to the Hawkins Co. Jail where he was booked.