I am a huge country music fan, especially of Tom T. Hall’s songs.

One of T’s songs is an absolute gem entitled, “The Monkey That Became President.” Recorded in the early 70s, during the Nixon/Watergate days, it’s a whimsical tune that looks at what might happen if a real, honest-to-goodness chimpanzee were to become the elected Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

If you haven’t heard it, download it from iTunes. It’ll be well worth the 99 cents that it costs you.

As the ridiculous witch-hunt of an impeachment farce against President Trump continues unabated, I listened again this morning to “T” weave his satirical lyrics, and couldn’t help but shake my head in disbelief at how far off into left-field looney-tune-ism and outright stupidity our nation has drifted in the decades since that song was recorded.

I also thought how fitting that song would apply to some members of Congress these days.

And, may I ask, are you folks as sick of hearing the phrase “quid pro quo” as I am?

Donald Trump has broken no law, committed no impeachable offense. But that isn’t stopping Democrats with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) from continuing their crusade to waste tens of millions more tax dollars and months of time (when they should be focused on America’s REAL problems) in an unabashed attempt to stage a thinly-veiled coup and unseat a legitimately elected president ... a president, I might add, who has done more good for this country than all of his combined predecessors since Ronald Reagan.

Frankly, it boggles the mind at how ignorant and clueless some of those elected officials are when it comes to the Constitution.

Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff (who proved himself during the Mueller hearings into the equally ridiculous “Russian collusion” investigation to be a pathetic liar), Speaker of the House “In Name Only” Nancy Pelosi (whose strings are now fully manipulated by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the left-wing, liberal, socialistic “Squad”), and Rep. Jerry Nadler, just to name a few, are some of the most embarrassing excuses for leaders to ever occupy those hallowed halls of Congress.

Impeachment is a very, very serious process and one that the founders never intended to be used for such blatant, self-serving, and — no pun intended — trumped-up political purposes.

Former presidents Richard Nixon, a Republican, and Bill Clinton, a Democrat, were impeached.

Both deserved it.

Both committed crimes and transgressions that met the Constitutional litmus test.

Nixon resigned before he could be removed from office, and Clinton survived but remained in office as a sleazy, political low-life.

Anyone with an ounce of brains and common sense in their heads see through this sham for what it is ... personal, petty, spiteful, revenge for Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Trump in 2016, and the Democrats’ unbridled, psychotic, hatred of the man.

The impeachment move came about because the Mueller investigation cleared Trump of any wrong-doing. No matter what contradictory B.S. you heard from the liberal, mainstream media, it did. There was no “Russian collusion”.

But how quickly the MSM, Democrats and RINOs forget the “hot open mike” comment made by former President Barack Hussein Obama to ... who??? ... Russian President Vladimir Putin, when he leaned over and said something to the effect of, “ ... just wait until I am re-elected and I will be in a much better position to ... ”.

Now, THAT sounds like collusion.

And, what about former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the gazillion candidates in the Democratic slate for President in 2020?

There is rock-solid proof that Papa Joe committed “quid pro quo” by strong-arming the Ukrainians into firing a prosecutor who was investigating alleged corruption regarding the oil/gas firm Burisma, a Ukrainian outfit that had appointed Junior Biden to a cushy $50,000 PER MONTH seat on its board of directors, when he, in fact had absolutely no experience in that field whatsoever — while Joe was the sitting VP — under the threat that American foreign aid would be withheld until said firing took place.


Wow. Just wow.

And from what I heard recently, questions are now being raised regarding whether some of those US TAX DOLLARS ended up in the bank account of that Ukrainian outfit.

Wow again!

If that ain’t “quid pro quo” what in the heck is???

And, is there any doubt in anyone’s mind why Junior Biden landed that $600,000+ per-year board seat? He also made trips back and forth to Ukraine and other foreign lands on Air Force Two while Dear ol’ Dad was a sitting VP, and reportedly while he was employed by that Ukrainian company. There are photographs to prove that as well.


But ... NO investigation there.

NO outrage from the liberal MSM or Congressional Democrats.

NO investigation, either, into Hillary’s lies and and the destruction of evidence while under court order to produce that evidence — classified information allegedly contained on her personal computers and phones ... and tens of thousands of email messages which were deleted and then those devices smashed with hammers or “cleansed” electronically with ”bleach” software.


So, this week, the impeachment hearings began on TV, and I for one am hoping that every member of Congress that is behind that mess ends up looking like exactly what they are ... petty, self-serving political stooges.

Trump may not be perfect, heck, none of us are, but the truth is, the man has broken no law and committed no “high crimes or misdemeanors” which the Constitution clearly defines as prerequisites for impeachment.

In three years under this president, America is booming.

Our economy is in overdrive. Unemployment across the spectrum is the lowest its been in 50+ years, including for women and minorities.

The stock market is through the roof, hitting new highs almost daily.

Business investment is soaring, with more than one million NEW manufacturing jobs created since Trump took office.

Coal mines are re-opening and miners in impoverished communities throughout Appalachia are back at work, thanks to Trump’s shredding of ridiculous Obama-era regulations that shuttered many of those mines.

America is now “energy independent” thanks to Trump opening the way for new oil/gas pipelines, fracking, offshore exploration, and the renewed availability of coal. For once, we are not “oil slaves” to the OPEC petroleum sheiks.

He kept a campaign promise (one made by almost every presidential candidate in the past 50 years) to move America’s embassy in Israel back to the Biblical city of Jerusalem, where it should have been all along.

Trump has rebuilt America’s military and is also fulfilling a campaign promise to get us out of an un-winnable 16-year war in the Middle East, bringing our soldiers home.

He, with no help from the Democrats or RINOs, is slowly but steadily building the wall along our Southern border to protect America from undocumented ILLEGAL aliens (many of them murderers, dope smugglers and rapists) from pouring into the country. That is a no-brainer and should have been done 20 years ago when ... who??? ... Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer agreed that a wall was necessary. But now that its on Trump’s agenda, Chuckie’s against it.

And one of the main reasons why I am now solidly behind our President? He isn’t afraid to stand up and speak out for Christian values, for the rights of unborn babies, and for our Second Amendment rights to own firearms for protection and sport.

Yes, the House will end up voting to impeach. All of these “hearings” are just a token. That was a foregone conclusion when this scheme began to take shape the moment Trump was declared the winner in 2016.

Let ‘em.

That just means a lot of Democrats and RINOs in swing districts where Trump won, and won big in 2016, will be sent home with their butts soundly kicked in 2020.

The whole impeachment thing is “dead on arrival” in the Senate, anyway. Trump will be vindicated by that upper chamber and he can then go on to win a landslide re-election a year from now.

Anyway, back to “T.’s” song. The tune ends with one of the greatest lines in the history of country music ...

“ .. would you rather have a monkey up in Washington, D.C., or have those people making monkeys out of you and me?”

Well said, “T”, well said.