ROGERSVILLE — A brief “summer” agenda for the Rogersville City School Board involved mostly routine reports, approval of various items on the “consent agenda”, and announcements of recently hired or re-hired personnel for the 2019-20 school year.

At the July 9 meeting, Director Rebecca Isaacs said that summer projects — including painting and soffit repair — are about two-thirds complete and should be finished on schedule.

“The boiler project is well underway, the old one is out, the new one is installed and they are working on pipefitting and wiring,” she said, with an expected completion date around July 26.

The installation of new playground equipment will begin next week, weather permitting.

Isaacs said that a quote has been received for retrofitting lighting in the auditorium with new brighter, energy efficient LED bulbs.

The project, which would cost about $10,000, she said, would be a good investment because the bulbs typically last much longer and reduce energy consumption.

“Our Read to be Ready summer camp is completed and it was excellent,” she said. We certainly saw the benefit to our students.”

She thanked the staff and everyone who had a hand in the program.

“The attendance was good and it is so great to see kids having fun while they are learning,” Isaccs said.

She also extended a “thank you” to the 14 staff members whom she called the “RCS Summer Crew”.

“These are the people who close out one school year and help us get ready for the new year,” she said. “We are very excited about the start of the 2019-20 school year.”

An Open House for all grades is planned for Thursday, Aug. 8, with students returning on Aug. 12.

In other matters, the board approved, unanimously, the following items listed on the ‘consent agenda’ in one blanket vote:

• Approval of the minutes dated Tuesday, June 4, 2019;

• Approval of the 2019-2020 Parent & Family Engagement Procedure (Federal Programs);

• Approval of the 2019-2020 School-Parent Compact;

• Approval of the contract between RCS and Beacon School for the 2018-2019 Summer School Special Education Services;

• Approval of the contract between RCS and Beacon School for the 2019-2020 Special Education Services;

• Approval of the contract between RCS and Bill Rymer, Psychologist for the 2019-2020 School Year;

• Approval of the Local Agriculture Products Compliance Plan for the 2019-2020 School Year;

• Approval of the School Year 2019-2020 Agreement to Administer the School Nutrition Program(s);

• Approval of the agreement between RCS and Upper East Tennessee Human Development Agency, Head Start for the 2019-2020 School Year;

• Approval of the 2018-2019 RCS Bullying Report

• Approval of the following policies:

1.406 Minutes, Update;

1.804 Alcohol & Drugs in the Workplace, Update;

1.901 Charter School Applications, Update;

1.903 Charter School Oversight, Update;

1.905 Charter School Renewal, Update;

1.906 Charter School Revocation, Update;

2.403 Surplus Property Sales, Update;

2.601 Fundraising Activities, Update;

3.202 Emergency Preparedness Plan, Update;

4.700 Testing Programs, Update;

5.200 Separation Practices for Tenured Teachers, Update;

5.201 Separation Practices for Non-Tenured Teachers, Update;

5.305 Family and Medical Leave, Update;

5.605 Staff Gifts & Solicitations, Update;

6.200 Attendance, Update;

6.300 Code of Conduct, Update; and,

6.506 Students from Military Families, Update.

• The following tenured teachers have been hired for the 2019-20 school year:

KINDERGARTEN — Whitney Hancock, Kelley Russell;

FIRST GRADE — Lola Pearson;

SECOND GRADE — Jennifer Housewright, David Sandidge, Janette Tackett, Missy Testerman;

THIRD GRADE — Beth Christian;

FOURTH GRADE — Michael Bowman, Renee’ Trent;

FIFTH GRADE — Laura Hartness, Karla Moncier;

SIXTH GRADE — Roseanna Self, Jennifer Smith;

SEVENTH GRADE — Kelly Dobson, Dennis Renner;

EIGHTH GRADE — Adam Harris;

SEVENTH & EIGHTH GRADES — Scott Juelfs, Carla Sells;

ESL — Jennifer Blackburn;

ART — Missy Cole;







PRINCIPAL — Rhonda Winstead.

• The following current non-tenured teachers have been rehired for the school year and will go on tenure:

Lindsay Davenport, Reading Coach/Interventionist; and Nicky Ward, 5th Grade.

•The following current non-tenured teachers have been rehired for the school year:

Callie McAnally, Pre-K;

Shane Bailey, Attendance Supervisor/Dist. Testing Coordinator;

Julie Atkins, 1st Grade;

Chloe Baugh, 3rd Grade;

Peggy Bishop, 6th Grade;

Mindy Bradley, 5th Grade;

Brooke Carroll, 3rd Grade;

Vanette Cook, Special Education (Grades 1-3);

Hannah Duncan, Kindergarten;

Beth Jarnigan, Music;

David Kenner, Assistant Principal;

Samantha Mauk, Special Education (Grades P3, P4, K);

Rachel Overbay, 1st Grade;

Vanessa Petty, Special Education (Grades 4-5)

Matthew Price, 3rd Grade;

Stephanie Smith, 8th Grade;

Sarah Tilley, Band;

Charles “Colby” Wagoner, Child Nutrition Director; and,

Lauren Wallace, Special Education (Grades 6-8).

• The following new non-tenured teachers have been hired for the school year:

Logan Blankenbeckler, Guidance;

Amanda Lawson, 1st Grade;

Tina McLain, 4th Grade;

Emily Sauceman, 4th Grade; and,

Grace Winegar, Kindergarten.

• The following staff members have been re-hired for the school year:

Tina Bray, Bookkeeper;

Stephanie Eidson, School Health Coordinator;

Jamie Gulley, Maintenance;

Gary Hicks, Technology Coordinator;

Vickie Knox, Office Manager;

Stephen McKinney, Assistant Technology Coordinator;

Angie Nelson, Secretary;

Bridgette Richards, Day Porter;

Karen Stubblefield, School Nurse; and,

Karen Willis, Finance Director.

• The following cafeteria staff members have been re-hired for the school year:

Sue Alvis (PT)

June Collins

Betty Ann Davenport (PT)

Michelle Davis (PT)

Judy Hawkins

Billy Kite (PT)

Debbie Manis (PT)

• The following assistants have been re-hired for the school year:

Bethany Allen — GP

Melissa Boyd – GP

Iva Brooks — GP

Regina Brooks – GP/Sp. Ed.

Dinah Cantor – GP

Lori Carmack – IDEA

Jenny Collins – GP/Sp. Ed.

Cheryl Cradic – GP

Paula Fugate (PT)– GP/Sp. Ed.

Brennan Greene — GP

Sandy Harris — GP

Brandy Horner – GP/Sp. Ed.

Suzanne Larmer – GP

Stacy Lafollette – Title I

Lisa Mauk – Title I

Stephanie McCracken — GP

Amy McKinney — GP

Donna Osborne — GP

Kim Price – Title I

Susan Rice — GP

Georgia Smith – GP/Sp. Ed

Leslie Wagoner – GP

• In a final matter, the board agreed to move its August meeting from the usual second Tuesday to the first Tuesday (the 6th) because of a conflict.