We would like to express our views on the littering in this area also.

The amount of garbage that is strewn about in the ditches, on the roadways, and over the mountains is disgusting and embarrassing. We have friends that visit us from other states and they express their disappointment in the way people use the highways as their own garbage cans. They enjoy what Tennessee has to offer in respect to the Great Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge, and the beautiful scenery, minus the litter.

We have seen people empty their ash trays and their car garbage into parking lots and cringe every time. The people that put their garbage bags in trucks in their yard and leave them heaping over for all to see as we drive by is disgusting. Eventually they take that to the convenience center without securing the load. I wonder what happens when you do not secure loads of garbage and items you are taking home from a store (furniture, lumber, etc.)???? THEY DON’T STAY IN THE VEHICLE!!!!

Maybe larger and enforced fines are in order. Also, this topic can begin to be taught in schools to the children that they take pride in themselves and their environment.

Carl and Sandy Scott