Hawkins County has several thousand veterans that don’t belong to any veterans’ organization. We were proud veterans when we came home, we loved our country, our state, city and county, if not, a lot of our veterans would not have volunteered to serve in the military forces in all the wars, we have been involved in. Talking to a lot of our veterans we are still proud to be called a veteran some 75 years later, or 65 years, or 55 years later or 25 years, or even last week. Our veterans will still say I’m proud to be called an American Veteran.

As Commander of American Legion Post 21, I am asking these veterans to join our post. We need you now, but whether you realize it or not, you will need our veteran organizations, later, to help you get new benefits or just keep what you have. We cannot let down our veterans who have been fighting for our benefits from all past wars, that is the reason that our veteran organizations have to stay strong, strength is in numbers.

With the new bill that our President signed into law on July 30, 2019, to join the American Legion now, you have to have served active duty in the military, with an honorable discharge, and have a DD214, or still be on active duty. You do not have to have served during any of the war “eras” (like you did before) to be a member of the American Legion.

Our American Legion Charter was 100 Years old September 9, 2019. When Post 21 was organized, it started out with 15 members; in 1975 we had 1,500 members, last year, 2018, we had 268 members.

As Commander of Post 21, I have committed myself to help build our membership up if at all possible. I will ask our veterans, one more time, to join our American Legion Post 21 so we can continue to support our veterans and their families in our community.

I would like to ask all of our past members that did not renew their membership in past years to reconsider and rejoin our post. You can be a great asset to our post.

We try to serve our veterans and community by having our Four Chaplain service in February, Vietnam Veterans Day in March, Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June, the July Fourth Parade, membership drives in August, POW/MIA Remembrance Day in September, Halloween trunk or treat in October, we assist the VFW with Veterans Day in November, and in December, we have a Post meal, and then rest. You see, we sure could use your help so if you could spare a day or two through the year, please consider joining our post.

Please call me, or any Legion member that you know, for membership information.

Dennis Elkins


Hawkins Co. American Legion Post 21

Cell, 423-235-1165

Home, 423-272-6843