ROGERSVILLE / CHURCH HILL — This week, both Cherokee and Volunteer High schools will be celebrating their homecoming week. Below is a list of the festivities taking place at the respective schools.

Cherokee High School

A Spirit Contest will be held throughout homecoming week, where students will earn points based on their participation in the following activities.

Each day of homecoming week, students will have the opportunity to dress up in a different theme. Monday featured Sports Fan Day, Tuesday featured Twin Day, Wednesday will feature USA Day and Thursday will feature Favorite Character Day. On Friday, students are encouraged to show their school spirit by participating in Color Day. Freshmen will wear white, Sophomores will wear red, Juniors will wear black and Seniors can wear all three colors.

A press release from the school explained that, “points will be awarded each day for the percentage of students participating. First period teachers will be given tally sheets to count the number of students dressed up each morning. At the end of the week, the percentages will be added. The first-place class will receive 40 points, the second will receive 30 points, the third will receive 20 points and the fourth will receive 10 points towards the Spirit Race.”

Each morning, one male and one female student who participated in the dress-up activities from each class will be sent to the cafeteria for a chance to win free tickets to Friday’s football game against Morristown West.

Additionally, students can participate in several other contests throughout the week that will count towards the Spirit Race. These include raising money for a potential student space in the library, decorating classroom doors, maintaining good attendance, earning the lowest number of office referrals, singing the Alma Mater and participating in a Twitter poll.

Attendance at Monday’s volleyball game against Volunteer, Thursday’s Battle of the Classes, and Thursday night’s powder puff football game and community bonfire will also count towards the class Spirit Race.

The winner of the Spirit Race will be announced during Friday’s pep rally, and the winner will receive a trophy.

Volunteer High School

Each day of homecoming week, students will have the opportunity to dress up in a different theme. Monday featured Super Heroes vs Villains, Tuesday featured Tiktok and Wednesday will feature Rockstar Day. Thursday will feature Decade Day, with Freshman representing the 60’, Sophomores representing the 70’s, Juniors representing the 80’s and Seniors representing the 90’s. On Friday everyone will have a chance to dress in blue and orange with Spirit Day.

There will also be several fun events planned for student throughout the week.

On Monday, a “jam session” was held in the courtyard featuring some of the musicians at the school. Students were able to eat outside and enjoy the music during their lunch. On Tuesday, the powder puff volleyball game was held during fourth block. On Wednesday, another powder puff football game will be held during fourth block. Thursday will feature the battle of classes, which consists of games such as a magic carpet race, tug of war and hungry hippos.

The school is also hosting a door decorating contest, which will need to be complete by Thursday.

On Friday, students can enjoy a pep rally during which winners from the battle of the classes will be announces. Fall sports and homecoming nominees will be announced at this time as well as the winners of the door decorating competition.

The homecoming football game will also be held Friday evening, with the Falcons playing Morristown East.