ROGERSVILLE — The Local Artist Gallery in Rogersville is happy to announce the featured artist for the month of June is Johnnie Lamb.

Johnnie joined the Gallery in November 2018 but has been enjoying the joy of breaking glass since 2012. She has a love for the Victorian style and stained glass falls directly into that style. Her wreaths also continue in the Victorian look with lots of mesh and ribbons. The latest craft to draw her attention is Diamond Art Painting. All again falling into her love of the Victorian style. Her studio is filled with beautiful pieces of glass and walls of ribbon and mesh.

Since joining the Gallery she has taken an active roll in its activities and currently serves its Treasurer.

Johnnie was born and raised in Rogersville and has been in the tax field for over 30 years, holds the Enrolled Agent certification and is a General Manager with RRD Financial. She is also a Real Estate Broker and has worked with the City of Kingsport and the State of Tennessee.

In 2012 she saw Stained Glass classes being offered and knew she had to give it a try. Since then it has continued to be her favorite hobby.

With her numerous hobbies her most beloved things in life have always been and will remain her two children and her grandchildren. Holidays with everyone home gives her the perfect opportunity to practice another “art” she totally enjoys and that is cooking. Coming in a close second are her German Shepherds and raising orchids. One could say her interests are varied and she finds joy in each.

During the month of June her works will be on display in the front window and the featured center display area in the Gallery. The Local Artist Gallery will be sponsoring a “Meet and Greet” on June 20 from 6-8 p.m., for everyone to meet and talk with Johnnie. Please come by and say hello if you know her or it is the perfect time to meet her and enjoy some light refreshments and take the opportunity to do a tour of the gallery while you are there.

The Gallery currently offers painting classes for adults and children conducted by some very talented artists. Please inquire if you think you would be interested. Johnnie has been asked about teaching stained glass and wreath making so if you are interested please let her know.

If you have questions please call the Gallery at 423-921-7656. We are open Monday thru Saturday from 10 a.m. till 5:30 p.m.