Dear Tommy,

As original organizers of the People Loving People Thanksgiving Dinner in Rogersville, we would like to thank the wonderful people of Rogersville, Hawkins County and upper East Tennessee for their continued support and dedication to our Thanksgiving Dinner.

It is quite amazing, and admittedly heartwarming, to see the hundreds of volunteers who bake bread, bake desserts, decorate the dining hall, plate desserts, deliver meals and a do a plethora of other jobs to make this all successful. We prepared, packed and delivered, and served more than 3,900 meals this year. To all of those who donated money to make this happen, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We give God all the Glory for the success of this event and our prayer is that He be glorified through it all! It is upon us to love and to serve His people and that is what we did this past Thanksgiving Day!

Thanks to everyone who made it all possible and we pray you will all be richly blessed by God the Father.

Merry Christmas!

Mark DeWitte


Dr. Blaine Jones