Animal lovers, please help our Hawkins Co., Humane Society continue to save animal lives through your donations. We are now in an urgent need of funding so we do not have to reduce our staff and services. This is the lowest in reserve funding for us in years.

The shelter is also at full capacity and we have to turn away many dogs and cats in need. Only a small portion of the Humane Society’s funds are from local government and adoption funds. We count on donations from people like you to help keep us operational and improving.

Currently the shelter helps transition each year approximately 200 dogs and 165 cats to new homes. Most come from owner surrender or animal rescue (strays and animal control). Many have medical or psychological issues increasing their costs and reducing their adoptability. However, most all of these pets really love people! For each dog and cat the shelter total cost over an entire year is about $325 per year. This is much lower and efficient than most all other shelters. The Humane Society assists throughout the county in education and advocacy, connecting loss dogs/cats with owners, addressing animal abuse, etc.

The Society’s income is modest with expenses covering only three full time and two part time employees. The Society strongly leverages many volunteers and overall assistance from the community. However, the Society has older facilities and kennels with limited space and in addition to currently having funding problems there is a need to maintain and improve our facilities.

The Society has an improving spay and neutering program reducing our county homeless population. These contributions will go towards saving these beautiful furry companions.

We accept many types of donations including in-kind contributions; (e.g., cleaning items, animal bedding, small blankets, cat litter, etc.) and volunteers (such as dog walker, cat handler, animal photographer, marketing/publicity assistance, communications and volunteer coordinator).

Please send or deliver donations of any amount to:

Hawkins Co. Humane Society

P.O. Box 217

5180 Highway 11W

Rogersville, TN 37857

Our hours are noon – 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

You can also donate single payments or recurring payments at our Facebook and primary sites at and

We can provide recognition for our sponsors through our web site and shelter for various levels of donation.

We are a tax-exempt 501©(3) non-profit organization. Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to visit our facilities.

Please consider helping the Humane Society raise funds to maintain and improve our vision behind our name ... a “humane society”.

Together with your support many animals will be spared difficult lives and cruel fates because of your effort. Thank you in advance for your generous donation to help keep the Hawkins County Humane Society working and for making a difference.


David Toll

Board Vice President

Sandy Behnke

Shelter Manager