ROGERSVILLE — Requests to advertise for bids for two PD blowers for the #3 digester, as well as bids for removal of grit from that same piece of equipment at the Rogersville Water Treatment Plant, were approved Tuesday evening by the Rogersville Board of Mayor and Aldermen, acting as the town’s Water Board.

Charles Myers, Rogersville Water Treatment Plant Chief Operator, said that one of the old blowers is out of service and cannot be repaired.

“We’re down to one (blower), and we need at least two,” he said, adding that the equipment is readily available from suppliers as an “off the shelf” item and that it shouldn’t take long to get it once bids are awarded.

The bid for removal of grit in the digester is related to the need for new blowers, he said.

“The problem with the blowers is, debris is putting pressure on them, and I recommend doing this before new blowers are installed,” he said.

Bids for that job will request services based on a “daily rate” because Myers said there is no way to know how much “grit” will have to be removed from the system.

The board also opened bids for a Bar Screen for the overflow basin at the treatment plant.

The board voted in July to advertise for bids for the large screen, which is intended to catch debris before it can reach the wastewater plant.

The lone bid received was from OR-TECH in the amount of $35,731.

Board members voted unanimously to accept the bid if, after review, it meets the specs.

In a review of July’s financial report, City Recorder Glenn Hutchens reported that the water/sewer department was “in the black” for the first month of the new fiscal year.