I had surgery again for cancer. This disease isn’t contagious, but it attacks random individuals in any part of their bodies. Cancer is feared because it’s often lethal. My daughter-in-law lost her mother from this disease, just two weeks after the birth of her first child. Thankfully, my cancer wasn’t as serious.

Skin cancer seems to surface without warning. If you discover it in its early stages, it usually can be removed and only a visible scar is the reminder. My husband’s type of cancer can’t be surgically removed because it’s in the blood. Thankfully, his leukemia isn’t aggressive.

Cancer is so prevalent that everyone knows or knew somebody afflicted by it. Medical research has advanced a long way in developing procedures and medicines to overcome different types of this disease. Recently, Israeli scientists discovered a successful treatment for cancerous tumors with no harmful side effects!

All diseases entered the world with sin. The worst form of cancer is the kind that attacks a person’s soul. Sin eats away at one’s soul, corrupts the person with spiritual rejection, and creates a “hardened heart.” Spiritual cancer is similar to physical cancer because it starts out small and goes undetected for a while. Then as it grows, symptoms appear. Both types are destructive.

Since cancer of the soul originates in the spiritual dimension of the person, it’s the vilest of all cancers. Why? Because one’s soul lives on after the body dies, and the consequences of the disease remain. There is a different kind of life after one’s physical death, one in which the results of that untreated cancer are felt--agony and “weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 13:42; Luke 13:28,16:22-25).

Unfortunately, soul cancer is developing all over the world. People unknowingly acquire it through their spiritual choices that are often influenced by an ungodly society at large and personally taught by others with the ailment. All who reject Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior have cancer of the soul.

Providentially, the cure for soul cancer was given long ago, and is revealed in the Bible. However, some people don’t recognize their condition and others don’t want to take the prescribed course of action.

Concerning the cancers of the physical body, people may get better with or without God’s help. That’s not so with the spiritual form. Jesus is the only cure for one’s soul cancer.

This cure is available to all who desire it and wholeheartedly receive Him. It’s free because Jesus paid the cost, and there is no waiting for doctors, tests or insurance companies. The side affects are wonderful, unlike the treatments for other cancers.

Everyone is separated from their diseased body when they die. Paul called our bodies, “the earthly tent we live in” (2 Corinthians 5:1). Like tents, our bodies are temporary, vulnerable, and frail. After the body’s death, a cancer-free soul is immediately transported to be with Jesus. Furthermore, in the new heaven and earth, those souls will be given new perfect bodies that will never die again (1 Corinthians 15). And there will be no more pain, crying, mourning, or death (Revelation 21:1-4).

Jesus has been given the title, “Great Physician,” for He has cured all kinds of illnesses and diseases, and even raised people from the dead. The Lord is still active in the world today. Do you know anyone with soul cancer? Be their friend and share your knowledge of its cure. God cleanses spiritual cancer with grace through faith in Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior. This treatment comes with a wonderful guarantee: the Holy Spirit indwells the healed.