SNEEDVILLE — An annual inventory list of county roads maintained by the Hancock Co. Road Superintendent was approved Monday evening by the Hancock Co. Commission.

The annual list is required by State Auditors.

Road Superintendent Henry Shockley said that approximately .16 of a mile of Hyatt Lane, and .09 miles of Creek Lane — both gravel roads — were added to the list.

One-tenth of a mile of Buell Road, a one-quarter mile section of Burke Road past a locked gate, and .14 mile of Carlos Road past a locked cable, will no longer be maintained by the county.

Shockley said that, in the case of Buell Road, a property owner there never made contact with him to talk about what could be done.

According to Shockley, there are numerous obstacles that would have to be removed in order for the county to maintain the short stretch of gravel road.

“She never got with me on it,” he said. “I was going to walk it and tell her what obstacles would have to be removed, because I can’t maintain it, I can’t gravel it, can’t grade it, there’s flower beds almost in the road bed, and railroad ties.”

After more discussion, the Commission approved for the current fiscal year the list of roads as submitted by Shockley, which includes approximately 240 roads amounting to some 345 miles that the county is responsible for maintaining.