Thorps Chapel Road residents have had considerable water damage in the last weeks. Most of the damage could not be seen from the main road. Eddie Walker family, Mike and Barbara Sturgeon, Brent Adams family, and Jim Caswell family, watched the rising waters on their property. Water filled the basement of Jim Caswell and the shed on the Sturgeon property. The water kept rising while they were at a loss of what steps to take to rid their property of all the water.

Neighbors helping neighbors was the answer. Thanks goes to the following: Eddie and Debbie Walker, Andy Walker, Amy Hurd, David Bennett, Johnny Collins (nephew of Debbie Walker), who acquired the large pumps, Billy Hurd, Jim Caswell family, and Misty Caswell all took turns day and night running the pumps from Wednesday night until the water level was down.

Donations from the families were made to buy gasoline and oil for the pumps. The rain had stopped but the water had only begun to rise. It sure is an empty feeling to look out every morning and see the water rising and not know where it will be tomorrow.

Thanks to these, our own neighbors, for the water not getting into the septic tanks, field lines, and wells.

Good people seeing a need and getting to work. We have lived here for 19 years, and others all their lives, and never seen this much water in these spots.

Mike and Barbara Perry Sturgeon