SNEEDVILLE — A woman who appeared before the Hancock Co. Commission at its Sept. 9, 2019, meeting, made it clear that she wants an answer as to why a short stretch of dusty, dirt road that her mother and two other families live on has not been paved, or at the very least, had “chat” rock applied to it.

“In all of the Seventh District, two roads go unchatted,” Tammy Johnson said. “Its been that way since back when Clem (Seal) was in office. It seems like they’ve got plenty of money to do blacktopping with everywhere else.”

Johnson said her mother has “eaten dust all her life” while living on the road, which commissioner said later was Barnett Hollow Road.

A member of the Commission said that while the board can recommend to Road Superintendent Henry Shockley that the road be chatted, it has no authority to order him to do so.

“He has his own budget,” the commissioner said.

Johnson said she had not spoken personally to Shockley but had in the past talked to former Road Superintendent Clem Seal.

“It’s been this way for years, they never would give a reason why,” she said.

Three families live on the short stretch of road, which is about three-quarters of a mile long.

“Everybody else’s road is done, why not theirs?” she asked. “If he (Shockley) refuses to fix this road, who do I need to talk to?”

“Here’s the place to start,” Mayor Harrison said. “I can put on the agenda for the next meeting and you can ask him.”

Shockley, he said, is usually at the monthly meetings but was not in attendance on Monday evening.

“A lot of roads are getting blacktopped and my mom is sitting there and has eaten dust for 48 years,” she said. “Do they have something against my mom or my family? I want to know why.”

Harrison again assured her that it would be on the board’s agenda for the Oct. 14 meeting.

“Let’s talk to him (Shockley) and give him a chance to have his say,” Commission chairman Bobby Johnson said.

“If it’s not resolved that night I will want to know who to call to get it done,” Johnson said.