Dear Editor,

American Legion Post 21 is holding our Memorial Day Service again this year, on Monday May 27, at 11 a.m., at the Main Street Courthouse Square in Rogersville.

We would like to Invite all of our community and Veterans to come out to this service. It is our duty to honor our servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice, to help keep our Country free, so that we can enjoy the life we have.

Many of the servicemen and women who fought and died did not have the chance to have a family to enjoy like we do. So it is very important that we take every opportunity we have to

honor them and their memory.

This day was set aside for just that purpose — to honor the men and women who made The Ultimate Sacrifice — not to just to give us an extra day on the weekend. We should set this day aside to give these men and women the honor they deserve.

Most of these programs are less than two hours long so we still have 364 days plus twenty two hours to spend with our own families.

So please come to the service so we can give these servicemen and women the honor they deserve.

Thank you

Dennis Elkins


American Legion Post 21