ROGERSVILLE — Local pastors involved in the East Tennessee Awakening and Voice of Hope Ministry are inviting all people of faith to come to Rogersville Town Square on Friday, August 23, from 12:15 to 12:45 p.m., to pray.

There will be no sound system, no leaders, and no chairs (unless some feel a need to bring one) says D.R. Harrison, evangelist for the tent revival some three miles west of Rogersville.

"This will be an ole-fashioned prayer meeting like our grandparents generation was used to where everyone prays together for our nation," Harrison said. "Some will pray out loud and some silently, but everyone will pray their burden for our community and our nation.”

“The prayer service which is simply 30 minutes long is an effort to bring together like-minded people of faith who realize the problems we face in our nation today are bigger than any group’s ability to solve them," said Pastor David Harrison, the evangelist's father, who has spent the last 40 years involved in revival efforts. "Only God can come, in answer to the hunger of His people, to bring the changes we need. But the good news is we have solid evidence that both Biblically and historically God has come to nations who had gotten off track like America and brought Awakenings that have redirected them. It is possible, but it has always started with groups of people hungry to see change. That hunger is evidenced through prayer. That’s what this prayer opportunity is all about. Who is hungry to see God bring change to our nation through an Awakening?"