I know they must be out there, but I seem to find it very rare to find a truly curious person who would like to informally talk about science.

If there is a science club of some sort that is already established in the Rogersville area, I would be very interested in joining them. If not, I will try and start one.

What I have found is being curious about the world we live in is the most important asset a person can have. Age, sex and the level of formal education does not matter ... together we know more than we could individually. My never-ending curiosity covers all areas of science and nature. Like most people I started reading around age five, and after 60 years of very specific reading, I am still trying to make sense of it all.

I have always found it beneficial to discuss very complex subjects. Books are fantastic source of knowledge, but many times, everyone comes out a little wiser with a live, face-to-face discussion.

Personally, I do not have a great interest in the backbone of science, which is math. My view is there are colleges all over the world loaded with people who specialize in creating and verifying the unbelievable mathematics necessary for science. Topics that I fine interesting, are the human brain and how it controls it’s owner. AI (artificial intelligence) and how it will change us, nature, quantum mechanics, all levels of chemistry, gravity and space-time, astrophysics and space. Reading is good, but open discussion on tricky subjects only make reading better! I have talked to Tommy Campbell about this idea of getting people together to discuss scientific subjects, so I guess let’s see if there is anyone interested in trying this out.

My cell phone is 423-921-4270. Text or call, but please leave a message if you call, otherwise with all the scammers out there, I erase phone numbers with no message.

Thank you,

Jim Beahan