Dear Readers,

Howdy, how are you all this week? I’m doing good, but I was grape picking a few days ago and got stung by a wasp. My arm is still swollen and itchy. It was worth being out in a grape arbor that Sunday though because that evening I could feel the sweet beginnings of fall in the air.

Did you ever notice that subtle change? It is indescribable. It is just a sense that you feel. Every year I try to figure out the right words, the sunlight becomes softer and more diffused, and at certain times there is a distinct chill in the air. The days get shorter. The tomatoes begin to slow down in our gardens, we say goodbye to the plentifulness of corn. We begin to see small turnings of color in the trees. A little red here, a little orange there.

Every year I hope that summer will prevail. After all, the official start of autumn isn’t until September 23rd. But, Autumn, or Fall, must be in a hurry, because it tries to push summer out of its way. Try as it might summer cannot hold on.

Fall begins to take over our senses, it even changes the way we want to eat. We crave more hearty meals, like roast, meatloaf and stews. And as fall moves along and brings a chill, we want warming things, hot cider, hot chocolate, and hot teas.

We get out our blankets which have been stored away since the brightness of spring so that we can curl up under them to hide like a bear in hibernation from the damp and chilled winds. Fall gives us a gentle warning that winter is on its way, with its even colder air and snowy days.

Summer, mind you, is my favorite season, to me it is a season of endless fun. But Fall is gorgeous also. And as the fall season creeps upon us I hope that you will enjoy it to the full.

Until next time dear readers, have a lovely week, and have a literary week!