GREENEVILLE — A Rogersille man was charged in Greeneville with multiple drug offenses following a traffic stop late Friday evening.

Vincent Matthews, 23, of 2242 Beech Creek Road, was charged with possession of Schedule I (heroin), Schedule II (methaphetamine) and Schedule VI (marijuana) drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on a suspended license and running a red light, according to a report from the Greeneville Police Department.

According to the report from Officer Nicholas Fillers, while on patrol, he saw a pickup truck make a left turn from Burns Street onto East Andrew Johnson Highway on a red light. When Fillers stopped Matthews for the traffic violation, Matthews told the officer that he knew he ran the traffic signal and that he was just trying to get home, according to the report.

When Matthews handed the officer the officer his driver’s license and vehicle information, Fillers stated in his report that he asked Matthews why he smelled marijuana. Matthew’s reply was that he had smoked marijuana in the vehicle about an hour earlier, accord to the report.

After receiving consent from Matthews to search the truck, Fillers found two zipped containers in the center console, according to the report, one which held a glass pipe, tubing and several plastic bags with a crystal substance and one with a brown powder substance. The other reportedly held several more empty bags and a digital scale.

A plastic box was located in the front floorboard that contained another digital scale and two more glass pipes, the report stated, and another glass pipe was located in the floorboard.

After Matthews was placed into custody, a plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance he identified as marijuana was found in his coat pocket, the report stated.

Upon being transported to the Greene County Detention Center, Matthews told officers that he might have another bag of marijuana in his coat pocket, and a correctional office did locate a small plastic bag containing a small amount of marijuana, according to the report.