Dear Readers,

Howdy, and welcome to the Bookend! How are you all doing? I’m feeling relaxed and refreshed after an eight-day vacation on Douglas Lake. I’m not so sure my husband Chad is feeling so relaxed ... everywhere I go there winds up being some crazy.

A dear friend of mine has a camper on Douglas Lake. I have been dying to go to the lake all summer. Is there a southerner that doesn’t like time on a lake? I think not. Plus, I grew up on a lake outside of Chattanooga. The water is emerald green, and so soothing. Douglas lake has a very similar color. Anyway ... my friend let us use her camper for a week last week.

We drove down on a Friday. We unpacked and got settled in. There were hamburgers in the freezer. Chad decided to start up a wood fire in the pit. We were too tired to drag out the grill. At this point we were starving. Chad put the burgers over the fire pit, he used wood instead of charcoal. Well they burned up just as black as coal in about two minutes. He was hungry and frustrated. I said, “Don’t worry honey, I can do this,” So I put more burgers over the firepit, and they burned up just as black as coal. So, we ate black angus burgers, and I mean black. Fortunately, I had bought Chad his favorite macaroni salad from the Publix Deli. He could live on that stuff.

We slept so wonderfully in the little camper bedroom. I just love campers; I would love to live in one. I found a pink floatie chair already blown up in the closet. We went down to the lake, but it wasn’t much fun with just one floatie. I found another floatie in the closet. It took me a whole day to blow it up, with many breaks to keep from fainting.

The next day we took them to the lake. Chad fussed and fussed about the whole idea, but honey when he started floating, he was hooked. We floated way out in the lake. I had forgotten to put on sunscreen, and I got sun poisoning. My bottom lip swelled up and nose was red. But I was determined to get back in the lake. I figured out to wear a long sleeve white blouse, a baseball hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and shoes made to go in the lake with. Craig Morgan would have been proud, we looked like members of Redneck Yacht Club. We went way out in the lake again. When it came to time to go back to the shore my arms go tired from trying to paddle back. Chad had me hold onto his foot while he paddled. He dragged me to shore. Now if that ain’t love I don’t know what is ya’ll.

The next day when we went out, I figured out to use my lake shoes as oars. Laugh all you want, it worked. We were having the time of our life. We were pretty tacky, but we didn’t care, as long as we stayed out of the wake from speedboats.

We just didn’t want to go home, so our trip got extended. I was thrilled. I was trying to figure out how to never leave. Chad was worried that we hadn’t packed enough food to go a whole lot longer, I said, “Oh! We’ve got plenty of food!” The next morning, I served him one piece of toast with a half of a scrambled egg. He just looked at me.

One morning after broiling something I left the broiler on and discovered it two hours later. Poor Chad, what he endures. It’s a good thing he was a firefighter in the Air Force.

Well, that was our lake vacation. I keep begging Chad to go back. He just won’t go ya’ll. But I just know I can talk him into next spring.

Until next time dear readers, have a good week and have a literary week.