Training for jailers, guards

ELIZABETHTON — The Tenn. Board of Regents, at its regular meeting on June 21, approved TCAT Elizabethton offering its first course in criminal justice.

College President Dean Blevins said the course, for jailers and guards, is being offered in response to requests from law enforcement officials in the region. The course will be taught at the Herman Robinson Extension Campus, located at 1500 Arney Street in Elizabethton.

According to Blevins, the curriculum consists of a broad range of topics designed to equip jailers and guards with the knowledge and understanding of inmate processing, maintaining order in the jail and invoking disciplinary measures when necessary.

In addition, the course will teach jailers and guards how to conduct cell searches for drugs and other contraband, inspect the facility for cleanliness and stand guard during exercise periods.

“We plan to offer the course in September 2019 provided there are a sufficient number of students enrolled by then,” Blevins said.

This training, which may be completed in two trimesters, provides students with knowledge of emergency procedures, mental health and first aid, defensive tactics and use of force, ethics and legal issues, investigations, personal development, and worker characteristics, among other items.

Students who complete the first trimester, 432 clock hours of study, will receive a Correctional Officer Apprentice Certificate. If students complete both trimesters, totaling 864 clock hours of study, they will receive a Master Correctional Officer Certificate.

Classes will meet from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday in Building One at 1500 Arney Street in Elizabethton.

For additional information, contact Patricia Henderson, student services coordinator at TCAT Elizabethton, telephone 423-543-0070, ext. 1004, or by email to