Question: Please explain the book of Revelation beginning with chapter one and going through chapter 22.

Answer: Chapter six explained: First of all let me say; the “worthy” Lamb now has the sealed book from the right hand of the throne occupant and is proceeding to loose the seals thereof revealing its contents — that which is to shortly come to pass is at hand (1:1 & 3). Two things: let’s not make more out of the apocalyptic language than we need to, and this chapter marks the beginning of the end for Rome, as a world power, under the influence of Satan, standing in the way of God’s grace, through the gospel, going forth throughout the world. The story is told as each seal is broken, and revealing is in an ascending manner, meaning; the seventh seal contains seven trumpets (God’s complete warnings) and then seven bowls of wrath (God’s complete wrath) upon Satan, Rome and all ungodliness.

We will examine chapter six by reading the verses and then explaining what the verses mean. You read the verses and I’ll explain

As Jesus opened the first seal (vs 1-2) John heard the noise of thunder (the voice of one of God’s executers), as thunder is most always associated with judgment in the Bible. Then John saw Jesus riding on a white horse going forth with a bow to conquer, being given a crown. This is clear as seen in Revelation 19:11.

Jesus then opens the second seal (vs 3-4) and John saw a red horse and the rider had a great sword and power to take peace from the earth. This is war as seen in these scriptures Matthew 10:34; 2 Corinthians 7:5 & James 4:1.

As Jesus opens the third seal (vs 5-6) John sees a black horse with a rider holding a measuring scale in his hand. This is famine as seen in Ezekiel 4:10 & 16.

Now, as John sees Jesus open the fourth seal (vs 7-8) he sees a pale horse and its rider is Death and Hades. They had the power to take one fourth of the earth’s population as they muster together the previous two judgments of God; war and famine. The fraction, one fourth, simply means that at this point we don’t have a final and complete judgment. Nevertheless, we do have judgment in God’s standard way of punishing those who need it, as seen in Ezekiel 14:12-23.

At this point, John observes the fifth seal opened (vs 9-11) and sees the martyred saints in the presence of God—not Hell, pleading for justice—not spite. Read the following passages out of the Bible: Isaiah 33:1; Luke 23:34 and Matthew 7:1.

John now sees the opening of the sixth seal (vs 12-17), and hears a great earthquake. This is the wrath of the Lamb (see v 16). Here is judgment on the ungodly as we can see from verse 16 and Isaiah 34:4-6.

In conclusion, what did we see in chapter 6? We saw the unveiling of the future—Jesus is the Overcomer, the Conqueror! We saw Him come first as assurance to the saints. We saw the judgment of God sent into the world. We understood that, in this world, saints will undergo persecution and we saw their cry for justice. We saw a picture of consolation, but also speaking of trouble. We saw the Father and the Lamb in control.

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