ROGERSVILLE — Through the generosity of Southside Restaurant, Evangelist D.R. Harrison invited pastors to breakfast on Saturday, Aug. 24, where he was able to share his vision and purpose for the ongoing East Tennessee Awakening tent revival with about 50 attending ministers from Hawkins and surrounding counties.

Harrison made the statement that, “he would not work apart from local area churches but only through pastors and churches”.

Harrison explained the purpose of a tent revival is to bring a group of churches together, let God renew those attending the tent revival who in turn carry what he called the “fire of God” back to their churches. Harrison stated there would be a day the tent will leave Rogersville and if God had not energized churches and left more than when it came, it would have failed it’s purpose.

But through several pastors, miraculous testimonies were given how churches are already being “set on fire” by God.

Pastor Bob Brown, from Greenville’s Lighthouse Assembly of God Church, stated that he invited the evangelist to come do a week long revival in his church. He was excited to relay that not only did 70 people come to Christ during those services, but his members caught the burden for the lost and they became soul winners. Before the revival, hardly ever would someone become a Christian in their services, but now literally every service, there are multiple people who accept Christ.

Pastor Brown further explained his church caught fire and burned with passion after the revival, and now in a rented building, their congregation has doubled and is growing weekly.

Pastor Billy Ray Courtney told about his hesitancy to invite the evangelist to do a service at his church, but that that Friday night service saw 31 churches represented and 42 people came to Christ. Within a week’s time, 107 people came to Christ and, he testified, his church has never been the same.

“Our people were set on fire,” he said.

Like Pastor Courtney, many of his members have never missed a service under the tent, but the best news was his church attendance is exploding because of the excitement of his members. “They are inviting people and we’re seeing new people every Sunday.”

The same testimony was echoed several more times by a number of Greeneville or local pastors who had been asked to speak.

Harrison said he was asked all the time, how long will the tent stay in the air. He emphasized how important it was to hear God’s direction and he stated as long as God tells us too. A dangerous thing for Voice of Hope Ministry would be to take the tent down a day too soon.

Harrison did say, he planned to have services through at least September 11.

The 9/11 tragedy has become a time of national significance after the attacks on the World Trade Center and other areas of America and, to this day, our culture has never been the same.

“We will have a special service that Wednesday night inviting representatives of our fire departments, emergency services, police and rescue groups to come and be honored,” Harrison said. “We are inviting them to bring their cars, fire-trucks, and other emergency vehicles which will be displayed in a special designated space in the field for people to see before the service that night.”

Services are Monday through Friday at 7:30 p.m. at the tent, which is located three miles west of Rogersville at mile marker 13 on Hwy. 11W.