ROGERSVILLE — A man found slumped over the steering wheel of a vehicle was arrested last week and charged with DUI and three drug-related offenses.

Hawkins Co. Sheriff’s Cpl. Mark Harrell said that about 9:47 a.m., on Feb. 12, 2020, he was dispatched to Hwy. 66 North, near mile marker 21, in reference to a suspicious vehicle, where he found Mark Adam Hill, 49, of Blackwater, VA, “laying over into the seat while wearing his seatbelt, and appeared to be asleep with the key in the ignition,” Harrell’s report states.

The officer said he could see, “in plain view”, a plate with a white powdery substance laying on the seat, and a blue bottle containing a plastic bag with a white powder in it laying between the driver’s legs.

Harrell asked the driver for ID but “seemed disoriented and was unable to locate his identification in his wallet”.

Hill was asked to step out of the 1983 Dodge Ram truck, at which time Harrell said he observed a white, oval pill and another plastic bag containing a white powder substance in the driver’s seat.

Hill stated that the white powder was methamphetamine, the pill was a Lortab®, and that he had “consumed some of each earlier in the day”.

The driver refused to participate in field sobriety tests or to a blood draw because, “I already told you I did them”.

The blue bottle, Harrell said, contained six plastic bags with white powder, believed to be “meth”, weighing approximately 3.2 grams, 1 white oval-shaped pill inscribed “IP 115”, and two partial pills believed to be hydrocodone, a Schedule II narcotic.

The man also had in his pocket two ink barrels with white residue on them, Harrell’s report states.

He was placed under arrest for:

• Driving under the influence;

• Possession/manufacture/delivery/sale of methamphetamine;

• Possession of Schedule II drugs; and,

• Possession of drug paraphernalia.

He was taken to the Hawkins Co. Jail where he was set to be arraigned in Sessions Court on Feb. 19.

The truck was towed by Greers Performance Auto.